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The Bozos are one of the many gangs in Night City.


The Bozos are a sadistic prankster gang. Their turf is the artist's colony next to the Night City University.

While they began as somewhat benign (if annoying), they developed over the years into something much darker. All of them are insane to one degree or another, with about a third of them firmly in the grip of cyberpsychosis.

Their bodies are not mere costumes... they have actually been biosculpted to look like clowns. Complete with permanent frowns and long floppy feet.

They will think nothing of torturing or murdering people for their own entertainment. They especially enjoy playing on people's fears and anxieties. It is rumored their current leader was a former Arasaka research tech, and that he makes various devices for them. Many Bozos have packed themselves with cyberware. Bozos can occasionally be found in the Net as well.

Unlike the Julliard, Bozos are malevolent and predatory. The Bozos do not choose victims from the artist's colony where they live (unlike the Voodoo Boys), but will target victims anywhere in the city. It is not uncommon for them to pick on a single individual over and over to try to drive them insane.[1]

By the Time of the Red, they are still present in Night City, having changed little since 2020.[2]

The Bozos are still relevant by 2077, as Maximum Mike mentions them when talking about Ozob Bozo, who he theorizes could be related to the Bozos based on his appearance.


They're Bozos, Jim.[1]

And Bozos rhymes with Boros.

They're W/R 2/2 Human Clown Tokens, Jim.


Frowning clown face with slogan "Let's have some fun!"[1]

Average Stats

7 7 5 ? ? 8 6 8 2
SKILLS: Intimidate 6, Juggling 7, Hide/Evade 7, Handgun 6, Melee 7,

Brawling 7, Basic Tech 7, Awareness 6, Electronics 5, Pharmaceuticals 4[1]


Any body-enhancing cyberware.[1]



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