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Both Sides, Now is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


Head over to Judy's apartment to find a gruesome scene: Evelyn dead in the bathtub, having committed suicide as an upset Judy sits beside her, having been gone for just an hour to take care of some things. Talk to Judy about it and eventually she'll ask you pick up Evelyn and move her to the bedroom while Judy waits for police to eventually come around to pick up Evelyn's body.

After she finishes the phone call, she'll talk a bit more with you before asking you to step out of the bedroom so she can change Evelyn's clothes. It'll then skip ahead to you and Judy up on the roof talking about Evelyn and Judy will eventually reveal something: Fingers noted he had her for 4 days, but Judy talked to Tom who noted Evelyn had been missing from Clouds for a week. Judy did some digging in Evelyn's virtus and found more, revealing Oswald Forrest had kept her for those 3 days and had his way with her until he got bored and then handed her off to Fingers. Judy will then remark she wants to do something to make him pay for what he did, but has no solid plans yet. She'll then ask you to leave so she can have some time alone to herself.

Journal Entry[]

You ever hear the saying "No good deed goes unpunished"? You hold your hand out to someone, you get bitten. You help a poor soul in need, you get fleeced for all you're worth. Save someone's life? Fill in the blank.


  • Go to Judy's apartment.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Lift up Evelyn.
  • Carry Evelyn to the bedroom.
  • Lay down Evelyn on the bed.
  • Wait for Judy to finish.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Leave the bedroom.
  • Close the bedroom door.
  • Leave the building.


  • This quest will only start after Transmission. Some time after the end of the quest, Judy will call V, saying something happened and asking for them to come to her apartment.