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Boeing Cityhawk UAAV is an aerodyne in Maximum Metal and Protect & Serve.

Maximum Metal Description[]

Boeing has been heavily marketing their Urban Airborne Assault Vehicle to police departments the world over, trying to refute Euro-Asian advertising criticizing American manufacturing. Accusations that the UAAV is built more as a combat vehicle than as a security unit have military buyers looking into the UAAV as a sort of AV interceptor, for anti-AV/helicopter use.[3]
Special Equipment: Ejection seats, environment control, fire extinguisher, chaff and flare dispensers, military radio, auto-pilot and navigation system, image enhancement, active and passive IR, military radar with terrain-following, military radar detector, telescopic optics.[3]
Weapons: Two 7.62mm Miniguns in separate turrets, two missiles (SAMs or AAMs).[3]
Notes: The proposed "Interceptor" military version has 5 additional spaces for missiles, no cargo space, and a top speed of 675 mph. Its proposed cost is 1.45 million eb.[3]

Protect & Serve Description[]

The Cityhawk Urban Airborne Assault Vehicle is designed to maintain order in urban areas. The vehicle is similar in design to an AV, but is more closely related to VTOL aircraft. Standard equipment includes two ejection seats (pilot and gunner), a highly advanced sensor suite (Infrared, Lowlite, Image Enhancement, TeleOptics, and 100km Radar), ECM, flare launcher (20-round magazine), chaff dispenser (4 loads), onboard computer, multi-band and tight beam radio, and auto-fire extinguishers. The UAAV maneuvers exceptionally well (it was designed to fight between skyscrapers) and gives the operator a +2 bonus on his piloting skill rolls. A standard CityHawk is armed with one or two M-134 Miniguns (one in a chin turret and one in a tail mount), and has two launch pylons capable of holding Scorpion 16s or other rockets and missiles. SP=50, SDP=85, Top speed is 600kph.[4]


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