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Bodyweight/R.M.C Enhanced Lung Series is line of cyber-respiratory made by Bodyweight collab with Raven Microcyb to assist in all forms of underwater functions. All models are available through authorized resellers.

However this is still experimental cyberware—during extreme physical exertion, the lungs will "hiccup", equalizing pressure when there is no need to (3 in 10 chance during heavy physical labor, firefights, etc). This results in shortness of breath (roll Stun at -3), as well as dizziness (-2 to all rolls for 1D6 minutes). In addition, if the lower abdominal region takes more than 5 points of damage, the air bladder will burst, causing an additional 1D6/2 damage and causing massive internal bleeding.[1]

EL Series One[]

It just repacked Raven Microcyber Rebreathers.

EL Series Two[]

This cyberware goes beyond Raven Microcyb's Rebreathers, replacing the entire respiratory system with an enhanced synthetics/myomer architecture. This involves a complicated system of fibrous carbon-polymer chambers and lung reinforcements which reclaim exhalations and function as an air bladder within the diver (+2 to swimming skill). A diver with an ELS-2 may hold his breath up to 30 minutes at depths of 0-30 meters, 15 minutes at depths of 31-100 meters, and 5 minutes at depths of 100-200 meters. The ELS-2 automatically regulates tension and equalization pressures, rendering the diver immune to the effects of lung hemorrhaging (as described in the Underwater combat and adventuring rules), and also has a built-in air mixture regulator/filter. This renders the diver immune to the effects of narcosis and a multitude of other disorders not covered in this book (distention, etc.).[1]

EL Series Three[]

The Series Three is the ultimate cyber-respiratory enhancement, but it is also the most radical. The entire respiratory tract is removed, the trachea is closed so that only food may pass to the stomach, and an active fluorine breather reservoir is implanted where the lungs used to be. The next step of the surgery installs the oxygen exchange units (gills) onto either side of the neck Myomer synthmuscles power the gills, which are a mesh of synthetic and cloned membrane, flexing them so that water or air passes through them and oxygen exchange can take place. The result: Liquid air! It has been proven in computer models down to 1,000 meters, although nothing short of an Aquarius full 'borg can physically survive the pressures at those depths. ELS-3 users can breathe equally well in or out of the water, although in an atmosphere, the gills make a unique "hiss", similar to the sound of someone breathing with difficulty.[1]


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