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Blue Knight Police Motorcycle is a vehicle in Protect & Serve.

Sourcebook Description[]

Produced by the Harley-Davidson company, the Blue Knight is the choice of the NCPD Traffic police. It comes equipped with multi-band radio, on-board computer, siren, lights and bulletproof fuel tank and windscreen (SP=20).
While produced without weaponry, a light SMG can be mounted on the front of the bike (150 eb to mount and lit remote trigger). The bike has SDP=36 and the tires have SP=15. Top speed is 240kph.[2]


  • The original stats are in kilometers but to keep it consistent with other sourcebooks, has been converted to miles.


  1. Original stats are 240kph
  2. PASS, G. Protect and Serve. 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R. Talsorian Games, 1992 (pg.45)