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Black Sapphire is a large skyscraper located in Dogtown. It is the headquarters of Barghest.


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Originally part of the resort project of Pacifica, Halsey, Ferris & Skiv began construction of the Black Sapphire in 2061[1] and despite its scheduled opening of 2065,[2] the building was never finished.

After the Unification War, Kurt Hansen laid claim to the unfinished hotel and transformed it into his new base of operations.[1]

The club located at the top of the Sapphire lures in elite individuals from all over the world, a place to make all kinds of shady deals under the watchful eye of Kurt.[3]

Database Entry[]

Black Sapphire


Halsey, Ferris & Skiv began the construction of this colossus in 2061, intending to erect Night City's most impressive hotel to date. However, along with the rest of Pacifica's redevelopment, the project took a fatal nosedive. Following the end of the Unification War, Kurt Hansen laid claim to the half-finished hotel as his new base of operations. Today, the Black Sapphire serves as the shining star around which all of Dogtown revolves.

It stands ninety-nine stories tall with a luxury club, casino and AV landing pads at the top. The ground floor contains warehouses and barracks for BARGHEST soldiers. Everything in between remains a matter of speculation - a prison for VIPs held for ransom, a zoo for endangered animals that Hansen serves to dinner guests at lavish parties, a server room that puts Arasaka Tower's to shame...

It's no surprise the rumors that circle the Black Sapphire grow more and more farfetched every year. Yet one fact is undeniable – the Black Sapphire is Hansen's pride and joy. It is an impenetrable fortress, a palace where he can play King of Dogtown and host dignitaries from the world over, but especially the who's who of Night City's political and criminal landscape.[1]


The Black Sapphire are four independent towers connected to the ground and top floors through elevators, and to each tower via bridges. The unfinished hotel stands at a height of 415m (1360 ft) and has 99 floors, with a total of 2792 rooms.[4]

Underground Parking[]

Both the parking and the maintenance tunnels were partially demolished and flooded by the Barghest.[4][5]

Floor 01[]

The ground floor contains the warehouses and barracks of the Barghest, as well as the mess hall.[1][4]

Floor 67[]

Most of the unfinished floor is for maintenance. All towers are connected via scaffolding and improvised bridges.[6]

Floor 99[]

The top of the building is divided between the four towers, all connected by a terrace. This area includes a restaurant and AV landing pads. The northern tower holds a club and a casino.[1][4][6]