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Let You Down, [1]

Biotechnica Nutrisupplement, advertised as Nūtrisupplement, was a product created by Biotechnica in 2020. They would continue to produce up to 2076.[1]


This nutrient-rich drink produced by Biotechnica will provide alternative sustenance for those who don't have time to bother with food. The Nutrisupplement will not only provide all essential vitamins, it will also negate hunger. Just drink one bottle of Nutrisupplement a day and you won't need any other sustenance. Comes in a variety of flavors. Weight 0.5kg.

The Nutrisupplement can only be used for a week at a time, because it does not sufficiently meet all of the body's requirements. After that time, the character will lose 1 point of BOD every week.[2]


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