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The Biotechnica Hotel is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Biotechnica hotel is located in Downtown, City Center, Night City. The hotel is owned and operated by Biotechnica, including security. Only employees of the corporation are able to get apartments in this hotel.[1]


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Floor 19

The 19th floor can only be accessed by the elevator from the main lobby. There are several idle Robots, and one guard patrolling the room. There is a small security room with 2 guards in on the east side. Apartments 191 through 194 can be found on the south side, as well as a staircase that leads to the rooftop.

Director Joanne Koch resides in apartment 193. The door can only be opened using 19 Technical Ability. Directly upon entering the apartment, Joanne's computer can be found. On the left there is a bedroom and a bathroom. Inside the bedroom, a cache with a Legendary Crafting Spec: A-22B Chao can be found, as well as another cache with components and a Skill Shard: Crafting.

Straight ahead will lead to the living room and kitchen, where Joanne Koch herself can be found engaged in a braindance session.


The rooftop is patrolled by 4 guards. In the center, a landing pad can be found that is suitable for most AVs. On the east side an out of order elevator can be found. On the west side, a small storage room can be found where a cache with a Legendary Crafting Spec resides. It is also possible to find an open window that leads inside apartment 193. There is an Access Point near a satellite dish that requires 19 Intelligence.

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