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The Biotechnica Flats (also known simply as the protein farms) is a vast expanse of greenhouses located southwest of Night City, within the Southern Desert, Badlands.


The Flats is made up of Biotechnica's protein farms. The area is so big - extending all the way across the Southern Desert until the border wall - that it is considered a region within the Badlands. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west, while the Pacifica District to the northwest. The 101 takes its eastern border along the Jackson Plains.

Database Entry

Biotechnica Flats
Biotechnica Flats

To be added.[1]


Within the compound
Outside the compound

Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Abandoned Parking Lot
  • Border Checkpoint
  • Fuel Station
  • Las Palapas Motel
  • Protein Farm

Associated Quests


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