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Biotechnica is a relatively small corporation. It created Triticum vulgaris megasuavis, the genus of wheat that is refined into the synthetic grain alcohol/fuel CHOOH2. Biotechnica licenses the rights to use its genetically modified T. vulgaris megasuavis plants to petrochemical companies like SovOil and Petrochem.[1][2]

Besides the utilizing the licensing rights of CHOOH2 to other corporations, Biotechnica has a multitude of Bioware products on the market.


When the fuel crisis really began to affect the industrialized community in the late 1990s, Biotechnica, then a small firm with only one office, came up with the answer: CHOOH2 (pronounced 'chew two'). CHOOH2 (not its actual chemical formula) is a complex grain alcohol produced by genetically engineered yeasts and wheat strains created by Biotechnica.[3]

The potential of CHOOH2 was realized almost immediately after it was introduced, and within a few years all fuel burning vehicles and power plants had converted to the new fuel.

Although Biotechnica held worldwide patents, it lacked the production facilities to meet worldwide demand, forcing it to license production to several large agribusinesses and petro-corporations. These deals made Biotechnica an extremely wealthy, but still not very large, company. Companies such SovOil and Petrochem have the exclusive rights into producing the fuel.[4]

Its labs have provided much of the tech that enabled the Pacifica Confederation to develop new bio-engineered "replacement species," and Biotechnica is active in restoring both animals and habitat throughout the blighted environments of this era.[5]

In 2020 it was still looking into more breakthroughs and is constantly expanding. Biotechnica holds facilities in Italy, UK, France, US, and Japan.



Biotechnica started as a small corporation based out of Rome, Italy. However in 1991 amidst an energy crisis, Biotechnica developed a substitute for fossil fuel usage that would end up being called CHOOH2, changing the world forever. They weren't a big corporation and weren't able to keep up with the supply and demand the world would need. Because of this situation they sold the exclusive license for producing and distribution of the product to Petrochem. CHOOH2 inventively became the standard fuel around the world, so the board of directors decided to sell to other 14 manufactures around the world, that being said Petrochem was still responsible for 60% of the world's supply with the largest amount of soil to grow the yeast needed the production.

Biotechnica's product rose their capital by a huge margin and gave them the status of Megacorporation, however they're still as power. Biotechnica started making deals with the Arasaka, and settled on a mutual beneficial agreement, providing troops in exchange for exclusive biological weapons.


Their second discovery was kept in secret due it being illegal in majority of countries. In 2004, Francis Young was successful in human cloning experiments, however it wasn't until 16 years later in 2020 that he succeeded in producing the first self-aware fully functional human clone by implanting a construct personality. Initially, this development was artificial, but soon enough they began experimenting to insert natural digitized personalities in clones using something similar in tech to the Soulkiller. The main R&D cloning facility of Biotechnica located in Night City had a staff of about 200 scientists and security.

The biggest goal for Biotechnica was to bring back the flora and the fauna that changed significantly in the 1990s due to climate changes. They hold facilities worldwide specializing in this field, slowly trying to rebuild the environment. In the 2020s they created a natural park in Night City known as Lake Park. They also cloned animals in an attempt to preserve them and sell to people for a high profit margin.


The Fourth Corporate War saw Biotechnica remain as neutral as it possibly could, allowing them to get through the war without many problems. They supplied Militech and Arasaka with weapons and other biological equipment. However due to their previous deals with Arasaka and their continued protection support from the company, Arasaka got many exclusive devices behind the scenes.


In the 2070s, Biotechnica has been working towards rebuilding the environment, including restoration of forests and bioengineering previously extinct animal species across the world. The corporation has also participated in researching various vaccines and future medicine products as the effects of climate change take its toll on humans.[6]

On the South side of the Badlands of Night City, Biotechnica has many protein farms that has made the landscape more livable than the rest. These immense, tent-like structures on the outskirts are but a few of the many farms Biotechnica manages worldwide, producing synthetic protein derivatives on a massive scale.[7] The Biotechnica protein farms are also base product for much of Night City's food source.

Biotechnica offers its employees up to six paid vacation days a year. In 2077, the corporation is considered the third biggest and best place to work for in Night City.[8]

Equipment & Resources 2020

Biotechnica is a rich corporation from Europe and has a health of resources at their disposal.

  • 10 AV-4 Assault Vehicles
  • 5 Corporate Jets
  • 3 Osprey II Aircraft
  • One Boeing C-25 Heavy Cargo Jet

In addition, each office maintains two helicopters and a surgery capable infirmary. Due to the worldwide importance of its developments, Biotechnica has a fair amount of power in the political community, and it can usually obtain whatever military equipment it needs, although some items may take more time to procure than others. Biotechnica has one orbital research workstation.[4]

Key Facilities

Biotechnica American HQ

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Biotechnica Corporate Hotel

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Biotechnica Protein Farms

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Biotechnica Mono-clonal Research Station

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Database Entry (2077)


Biotechnica is a corporation specializing in generic engineering and biotechnical, pharmaceutical and microbiological research. It was in Biotechnica's labs that brought the world back from the brink of a fuel crisis. The discovery? CHOOH2, a fuel based on synthetic alcohol obtained from genetically modified wheat. The patent made the corporation a major player on the market. To this day, Biotechnica retains exclusive rights to the product - and complete control over the fuel market. It's other major field of business is food production: large companies such as All Foods also fall under the Biotechnica umbrella.[6]

Products Line-Up 2077

Type Products

Products Line-Up 2020

Type Products
Bioware Biotechnica Neo Appendix,[9] Biotechnica "Sunblocker" Sunscreen,[9] Biotechnica Neo Lungs[9]
Items Flavored Cigarettes[10]
Equipment Biotechnica Nutrisupplement,[11] Nymph Perfume,[11] Biotechnica "Smart" Gas mask,[12] Biotechnica Toxi-Stoppers,[12] Biotechnia EnduroDrink[9]



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