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BioDyne Systems was a cyberware manufacturer.


BioDyne Systems began in 2002 as a start-up company, founded by seven individuals, known as the BioDyne Seven. However, many of the employees being more scientifically minded and optimistic rather than focus on financial matters or general rationality. By 2005, their first product, the Enable cyberlimbs, released. In 2009, the company had gone bankrupt, with the BioDyne Seven going on to find higher-level careers at larger corporations. Despite going bankrupt, the company's cyberware is still utilized by Nomad families and third-world countries worldwide. In addition, their cyberware also found use with medical amputees and football players.[2]

Products (2020)[]

Products (2077)[]

Type Product(s)
Cyberdeck OS BioDyne Mk.1, BioDyne Mk.2
Berserk OS BioDyne Berserk Mk.1, BioDyne Berserk Mk.2, BioDyne Berserk Mk.3


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