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Bill's parents were Sixties children who had their son late in life and Bill hated their guts. They had no concept of real life, he thought, with their "give peace a chance" and "Love is the way". Life is hard, and the way to get what you want is to fight So he joined the Army at sixteen, in time for the South Am conflict Tapped for pilots school, he was assigned to a Ranger unit operating near Bogota. Six years of service brought him combat and betrayal; only four of his original unit made it out of the jungles, and two were insane. Bill ended up as a point man for the Long March and lost his arm there.

It was a different Bill Fuller who came out of the jungle. While understanding violence was necessary at times, he wanted as little contact with it as possible. He finally understood his parents, and raced home to tell them.

But it was too late; they were victims of the Wasting Plague. Bill roamed the streets in a daze for months, then pulled himself together and went looking for a living. Jobs were scarce in 2011, but Bill found a trucking firm that needed drivers unconcerned about their cargo, who could take care of the load- and themselves. Bill fit in, and Grateful so named for his tie-dye shirts and his music went into the smuggling business.

In two years, he owned his own Peterbilt (painted in psychedelia). Seven years later, he runs an organization, a confederation of smugglers and couriers. He still does business out of his first Peterbilt, now equipped with living quarters and a sophisticated comm suite. He smuggles computer memory imported from Japan, drugs and pharmaceuticals-almost everything. But no guns; in his opinion, there are more than enough in America already. His smugglers are armed for self defense only; they're under orders not to smash police blockades, or to shoot it out with Customs-bribery, concealment, and forged documents are his style. 'Course, if some Nomads won't settle for what the drivers are willing to give for "safe passage·, they're armed to deal with idiots.[1]


INT: 8, LUCK: 9, BOD: 7/9, TECH: 7, ATT: 6, Rep: 5, REF: 9, EMP: 10/7, COOL: 10, MA: 7.[1]

Operating style[]

Grateful is burly and powerful, his long hair and full beard giving him the appearance of a blond bear. Quick to smile and laugh, he is well liked by his crews and the people he does business with. His loose, laid-back style belies a steel-trap mind and a careful attention to detail. Bill hates violence but not Solos per se; if its their destiny to kill, so be it, but uses it when he must He is rarely without some controlled substance on his person, and has done jail time because of it He chain-smokes, and drinks coffee at truly prodigious rates, but neither alters his mood in the slightest. .. Grateful just keeps on truckin'.[1]


Streetdeal +6, Awareness +4, Persuasion +4, Martial Art QuickDeath, U.S. Army version of Soviet Sambo) +4, Handgun +5, Leadership +4, Hide/Evade +3, Basic Tech +4, Language (Spanish) +5, Culture (Hispanic) +4, Culture (Hippy/Deadheads) +3, Operate Hvy. Machinery +3, Pilot AV +4, Pilot Rotary Wing +4, Education +2, Driving +4, Rifle +5, Stealth +3, First Aid +4, Human Perception +4, Hvy Weapons +4[1]


Basic Processor w/lnterface plugs (Smartgun link, Vehicle link, Data Term link), Kerenzikov Boost (1 level), Chipware socket, Cyberarm (w/ARM, STR options and pop-up Uzi Mini 9 SMG), Muscle & Bone Weave.[1]


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