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Nobody ever leaves Night City. Except in a body bag.

– Bes Isis, Cyberpunk Red

Bes Isis, born Nancy Hartley[1], is the ex-keyboardist for the band Samurai. After the end of her musical career, she became an investigative journalist for Network News 54.


2000s - 2020

Nancy Hartley was the keyboardist for the band Samurai. She was a member of the band until 2008 when she spent seven months in jail for throwing her abusive husband out of their 83rd story apartment through the window. During her incarceration, the band was dissolved.

At some point after her release, she took on the name Bes Isis and became a major media presence on Network 54 due to her persistent pursuit of stories nobody else dared to cover.[2]

Sometime in 2011, Bes Isis was in Mexico City, working on a story about the American nomad underground in the region, specifically about the 1990s band Justifiable Homicide. While having a drink in a local bar with the band, a 16-year-old soldier came to her, giving a story about 600,000 nomad workers marooned in South America, trying to get out by walking 3000 miles, in an event known as "The Long Walk". Bes Isis documented the story and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for it. Later, she participated in The Long Walk itself.[3]


By 2045, Isis continues to run a show on the Data Pool,[4] having a mixed reputation compared to other Medias due to her rule-breaking investigations, as well as having replaced her leg and chest with chrome replacements to feign injury to obtain a "meat jumping" story.[5]


In 2077, she remains a Network 54 employee, proceeding to cover difficult events as an investigative journalist. She also had an adult son named Dan. Bes briefly went missing while investigating Maelstrom at the Totentanz club. Depending on who led the gang at the time (either Royce, Brick, or Patricia), the merc V helps her interview the leader or fight their way out of the building after being sent to pick her up by Kerry Eurodyne, who wanted to organize a one-night reunion of Samurai.

After the gig, V calls Nancy about an old request she had posted on an illegal website for information on Leonard Swedenborg-Riviera, an anti-establishment political philosopher who no one knew anything about yet who had reached a wide audience on the Net with his nearly incomprehensible ideology. Nancy had gotten no leads for her planned segment and forgot about the request, but V picks up the trail and discovers Leonard was actually "Leonora, the Savantron", a fortune-telling machine that someone had reprogrammed and linked to the Net as a prank. If Nancy is told, she is thrilled by the development, claiming it will make for an even better report than what she thought.

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  • Nancy's son Dan has a gambling issue but is accustomed to receiving the finer things in life, which might explain why Nancy's possessions are a bit shabbier than his own.
  • Nancy admits using Samurai and Silverhand as a common manner of riling the followers of her media once the news cannot provide more interesting content.



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