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The Bermuda is a motorcycle introduced in Chromebook Volume 2.

Sourcebook Description[]

Bermuda, home to the most dangerous triangle on the high seas. Only fitting that it lend its name to the most dangerous triangle on the roads. The Delta Motors Bermuda is a new concept on the roads—a tricycle instead of a bike. Faster, more maneuverable, steadier, longer-ranged and just plain more comfortable to ride. Enter the Triangle. The Bermuda awaits.[2]
Maneuver Speed: 45 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 60 mpg
Fuel Capacity: 5 gallon CHOOH2
Special Equipment: CB radio. The Bermuda can be fitted with a special seat to allow carrying 100 kg of cargo, or another passenger. This modification costs an additional 200 eb.
Game Notes: The Bermuda functions as well off-road as it does on pavement.[2]


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