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Bell HUEY Cop-Chopper (originally called HUEY Police Helicopter) is a helicopter introduced in Protect & Serve and later revised in Maximum Metal.

Maximum Metal Description[]

Built as a low-cost alternative to AVs, this was marketed to police departments. It has become a popular sight in mercenary units and corporate forces, too. (These are the revised stats for the HUEY PH presented in Protect and Serve.)[3]
Special Equipment: IR baffling, fire extinguisher, chaff and flare dispensers, radio with scrambler, auto-pilot and navigation system, infrared, light amplification, military radar, military radar detector, search-light.[3]
Weapons: Turret-mounted 7.62mm Minigun or 40mm Auto-GL.[3]

Protect & Serve Description[]

Intended as a low cost alternative to the AV or UAAV, the Huey PH comes standard with IR, LowLite, and telescoping video system as well as a 60km radar. Defensive systems include ECM, a chaff launcher (2 loads), and a flare launcher (6 rounds). Offensive capacity is limited to a chin-mounted M-134 Minigun or an auto-grenade launcher (ROF=6, 30rnds., 500m range, effects=hand grenade types). The PH can carry up to four people in addition to the pilot and gunner. Airspeed is 480kph. SP=20 and SDP=65[4]


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