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Bell F-152 Autogryo is a helicopter in Cyberpunk.


Powerplant: one Bell-Mazda 2600 rotary aircraft engine.
Performance: Max airspeed: 300 mph. Operational radius: 50 miles.
Structural Damage Points: 40
The riots of the late 90's required new tactics for operating in urban areas. Chief among these was the introduction of light, one man helicopters or aerogyros. The F-152 is currently used by police units, Corporate defense teams, Solo assault operations teams and drug-running gangs. An unarmed version, known as the Bell-15, is a popular recreational vehicle.[1][2]

Maximum Metal Description[]

The ultimate in small aerial combat vehicles, the Bell F-152 is extensively used by the police forces and mercenaries. Its lack of protection for the pilot is one of least popular features.
Special Equipment: Radio, searchlight.
Weapons: One light weapon on a 180 degree forward-rotating open mount under the body. Popular options include the 5.56mm minigun, the 40mm Auto GL, or 5.56/7.62mm machine gun for low cost versions.


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