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Bell-Boeing V-22B Osprey is an osprey introduced in Cyberpunk 2020 and expanded on in Maximum Metal.

Cyberpunk 2020 Description[]

Powerplant: Allison 937 Gas Turbine
Performance: Max speed=275 knots.
Range=600 miles
Structural Damage Points: 200 (Ospreys are not armored).
The Osprey mounts two large, wide propped engine nacelles at the ends of long, high-left wings. The engines can be tilted from a forward facing direction to a vertical position, allowing the aircraft to take off and over vertically. The wings can be folded back along the Osprey a perfect vehicle to work from rooftop airpads and unprepared airstrips.
A revolutionary concept when it was unveiled in 1988, the Osprey tilt rotor aircraft has become a standard vehicle throughout the 2000's. The military version served with distinction throughout the riots of the 90's and the Central American Conflicts. Various civilian manufacturers (Cessna, Lear, Avionica) have licenced the original Boeing design and applied it to small commercial and business applications. The Lear Tiltjet even applies the Osprey principles to a tiltwinged turbojet version.
Ospreys can be found as commuter vehicles between city centers and hub airports, or as corporate aircraft operating from rooftop pads atop headquarters skyscrapers. Small versions such as Cessna's AE-800 Featherlite are popular light aircraft throughout the world, allowing flight operations in even the most remote and unprepared sites.

Maximum Metal Description[]

The heavy-lift version of the original model, this is the most common Osprey on Earth. It has been manufactured by license, all over the world and has acquired a reputation for steadfast service under appalling conditions, joining the legends of the C-47 "Gooney Bird" and the C-130 "Herky Bird." Because of its tilt-rotors, the Osprey's nickname is "Whirly Bird."[3]
Special Equipment: Ejection seats for the crew, environment control, long-range radio. auto-pilot and navigation system, radar, radar detector.[3]
Notes: There is a gunship version of the Osprey known as the Guillotine. This model sacrifices cargo and passenger space for armament (three 20mm Gatlings, two 40mm Auto-GIs, and one 75mm cannon, all on port-side articulated mounts. All weapons carry 10 magazines. A laser rangefinder, image enhancement, and thermograph are fitted to assist firing, and the plane is fitted with ECM, flare and chaff dispensers to enhance survivability).[3]


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