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Bell Aeronautics[1] is one of a few real world aircraft manufacturers introduced in Cyberpunk 2013.


Bell Aircraft Corporation is a civilian and military aircraft manufacturer founded in Buffalo, New York, United States of America in 1935.


Type Products
Aircraft & Jets Bell F-52 Airogyro
Bikes Bell Sandpiper
Drones Bell "Bumblebee" Remote Rotorcraft,[2] Bell "Minibee" Rotorcraft Remote[3]
Helicopters Bell 15 Aerogyro
Bell AH-99 Gunship
Bell Cobra Helicopter
Bell Evil-Eye 19
Bell F-152 Autogyro
Bell HUEY Cop-Chopper
Bell Spy-Eye 18[1]
Bell UH-9
Bell UH-10 PAPC

Vehicles in Partnership

Type Products
Aerodynes Bell-Boeing Aircar
Aircraft & Jets Bell-Mitsubishi Cargo Aircraft
Ospreys Bell-Boeing Falcon-B
Bell-Boeing V-22B Osprey
Bell-Boeing V-22F Osprey

Models Gallery[]


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