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Beat on the Brat: The Glen is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077.


The opponent here is César Diego Ruiz, a member of the Valentinos and boxing champion of the Glen. He has a girlfriend, Micaela, with a baby on the way. In lieu of betting money, Ruiz will stake his ride, the Villefort Alvarado "Vato". In turn, you'll need to stake €$20,000.

This match may seem difficult at first, especially if challenging him at a lower level. Ruiz has a large health pool, and his signature attack can knock you out in as few as two hits. Fortunately, his signature attack has an extremely obvious tell. Back away from him a good distance, making sure to leave ample room to move on the right. Ruiz will put up his fists and step with a blur effect towards you before jumping and throwing a punch. Simply circle to the right of him when he begins to blur or before he jumps and his attack will be completely avoided, leaving him wide open for a few seconds. Punch Ruiz's head a few times before he turns around, then back off and wait for your stamina to recover. Rinse and repeat until he goes down.

You can also cheat a bit to give you a slight advantage by littering recovery items and non-lethal melee weapons on the court and pick them up during the fight to get around the block usually in place on these items during matches. Furthermore, recovery implants and the Gorilla Arms implant can be freely used if you have them installed.

When Ruiz is defeated, he will concede the money and car as promised, but you have a few options:

  • Take both the car and the money
  • Take the car, but leave Ruiz the money
  • Take the money, but leave Ruiz the car
  • Decline both the money and car

The options only affect your final reward and the discussion Ruiz and Micaela have afterwards. As long as you didn't take both the car and money, Ruiz and Micaela have the same reaction.

Journal Entry[]

Time for another rumble - this time in the Glen. I'd put money on their champ being a Valentino. Yeah, I can see him now: two golden fists and a machete across his back... y'know, in case things get dicey and take a turn for the unsportsmanlike.


  • Go to the fight in the Glen.
  • Talk to the champion of the Glen.
  • Defeat César.
  • Talk to the champion of the Glen.


  • Sometime later, provided V did not choose to keep both the car and the money, César will text message you a picture of his newborn child, with slightly different messages based on if you kept the car or not.
    • During the game's development, it was not possible to give away the money and keep the car at the same time. Philipp Weber, senior quest designer and coordinator at CD Projekt RED, changed this by cloning some of V's lines and including them in the dialogue in order to add the new choice.[1]