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Beat on the Brat is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077. It becomes available when V meets Coach Fred in Megabuilding H10 after completing The Rescue.



After the initial fight with the training robot, it acts as a tracker for the following side jobs:

Only the Kabuki fight can be done during Act 1, as the rest of the locations are inaccessible until Act 2 due to Watson being under NCPD lockdown. Completing all four fights will unlock the championship fight against professional boxer Razor Hugh. To unlock this final fight, you must first complete Transmission.

If V has completed the side job Send in the Clowns—which unlocks after completing the main job Transmission—an optional fifth preliminary fight will be unlocked:

Razor Hugh[]

The championship fight against Razor Hugh is held in the Grand Imperial Mall in Pacifica. The fight starts at 12:01 AM, and if V arrives before that time, he'll be prompted to skip the time on a nearby bench. Before the fight begins, Coach Fred will offer to double V's cash reward if they throw the fight and let Razor win. V can accept, ensuring they will receive the bonus no matter how they lose. If V wins the fight, then regardless of whether they took Fred's offer, they will still receive the standard amount of money as a reward.

Close to where Coach Fred privately speaks to V there is also a child that wants to talk to V. She will mention how her father fought Razor years ago, fell in the third round and despite the referee calling the match, Razor kept attacking, badly injuring him in the process. She says she wants Razor to pay for ruining her family's life.

Among the audience there are all of V's past opponents — Esquerdo & Certo, César Diego Ruiz, Rhino — and Viktor Vektor, who will tell V that Razor is weak to hits in the torso because he recently had new abdominal muscles implanted. Punching Razor in the gut will stagger him for a few seconds. Razor is fast and hits hard but can be stun-locked by repeatedly breaking his guard with charged punches using Gorilla Arms. He also badly telegraphs his moves; a well-timed guard will turn into a counter with a brief couple of seconds of slowed-down time, letting V get several key punches into his gut.

If V accepted to throw the fight and lost:

Coach Fred rewards V with the standard €$50,000 and an extra €$20,000. Viktor will notice this and criticize V for it.

If V accepted to throw the fight and won:

Fred will be angry, but they will still reward the merc with €$50,000. Viktor and the other fighters will compliment V for winning the fight.

If V didn't accept to throw the fight and lost:

Fred is happy that V has changed their mind, offering €$50,000 plus an extra that V can either accept or decline. If accepting, Viktor will notice this and criticize V for it.

If V didn't accept to throw the fight and won:

Coach Fred will reward the standard €$50,000. Viktor and the other fighters will compliment V for winning the fight.

If V talked to the child and won the fight:

As V is leaving the venue, V will overhear the girl having a phone conversation with someone where it appears she lied about her family's situation in order to motivate V to win the fight so she can win more money betting on Razor losing. When confronted, the child will run away.

If V talked to the child and lost the fight:

She will ignore V.

Journal Entries[]

Start of job
You're gettin' noticed, V. People can sense that hunger in you - one that can't be satiated. You want everything right now, and if you don't it... you fight for it. You're a warrior, V. And the warrior's place is in the ring. Show 'em what you're made of. Knock the bolts off this training bot. And then, well... we'll see.
After beating the training bot
Before confronting Razor Hugh


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  • Talk to the coach.
  • Defeat the training robot.
  • Talk to the coach.
  • Defeat all opponents to get to the final round.
  • Wait for the final fight.


  • The little girl encountered during the final fight may be remotely controlled as a proxy.
  • If V wins the fight, a decorative trophy in a glass display case will appear in V's apartment, on the left wall upon entering. Scanning it gives the following statistics:
    • BOXING TROPHY: Night City Boxing Championship 2077
    • 1ST PLACE: V