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Balls to the Wall is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


The marker for this side job is found by a BARGHEST garrison in front of the Black Sapphire hotel in Dogtown.

V will be called out by a recruit named Paco Torres, who is currently drinking his problems away, alongside his companion Babs Okoye. V can hear him out, and after introductions Paco will share the story of an op lead by Kurt Hansen that went wrong.

At one point, Paco will offer to take V on a "Deep Dive", i.e. using drugs to make Paco's story more vivid. If V accepts, they will inhale the drugs, and the viewpoint will then shift from V into Kurt Hansen. As Kurt Hansen, talk to Yuri Bychkov, then go down into the lobby where Paco is standing. Talk to Paco to initiate a fist fight, with the goal being to defeat Paco. Once Paco is defeated, Hansen will assign Paco to convoy duty, and the game transitions back to V's viewpoint.

Paco will confess that he had been skimming cargo from the convoy. V is then asked to take another Deep Dive, which transitions them back to Hansen's viewpoint. This time, Hansen will be a passenger in a truck driven by Paco, moments before they are jumped by Scavengers in vehicles. A gunfight will ensue in which Hansen must defeat any pursuing vehicles using his Bald Eagle revolver. The truck is stopped by Scavengers manning a barricade, and Hansen will then disembark to fight them. Hansen only has his revolver and his Fang knife to defeat the Scavengers with, though they were accompanied by some Barghest soldiers that supported them. After defeating all of the Scavengers, Hansen approached one of the wounded Scavenger being tended to by Yuri.

The viewpoint will transition back to V, and Paco will reveal the gist of the story: the convoy was carrying generators, which Paco stole before selling them for cash, and now Paco and Babs want to ask V for advice on what to do. V can offer to tell them to either frame Yuri for the crime, leave Dogtown immediately, or have V call some friends for help (requires that certain Side jobs be completed beforehand).

If V tells them to frame Yuri:

Paco and Babs will agree with V's plan and give V both of their contact info, after which V, Paco, and Babs will agree to meet by the underpass beneath The Needle the following day. Either go to the meeting site and sit on the marked location to fast forward 24 hours, or wait 24 hours and go to the location. V will be met by Yuri, who then proceeds to open fire. Defeating Yuri will allow his body to be looted for Tier 5 weapons, and a message shard between him and Hansen that tells Yuri to hang Paco's body under The Needle. Go to the designated point, where V can find Paco's body hanging from the ceiling, at which point V can message Babs to check on her. Messaging Babs will reveal that she had called in a favor and escaped Dogtown to fly to Kenya.

If V tells them to leave Dogtown:

Babs will offer to stay behind in Dogtown to reduce suspicion on them both. After adding Paco and Bab into the contact list, V must follow Paco to the latter's car, where V can then ask Paco to get in the trunk. Drive the car to the marked location by the Grand Imperial Mall, then open up the trunk to let Paco out, after which he will then ask V to wait for two days. After 48 hours, a message from Paco will ask for a meeting by the Afterlife. Paco will be waiting outside near the Afterlife Fast Travel point, and will then tell V that he's giving them his assault rifle as a gift, and that he has joined the Scavengers. After arguing with Paco about their choice, V can then loot the Carmen DA8 Umbra from the chair it's laying on.

If V calls their friends for favors:

V will offer to contact one of their friends to smuggle Paco and Babs out of Dogtown. The available contacts that can be called depends on the character-related Side jobs that V has completed beforehand, giving them the choice of calling either River Ward, Panam Palmer, or Rogue Amendiares to help, and V can then message them about the situation. Regardless of which contact is chosen, after waiting 24 hours Paco will message V that they've been successfully smuggled out of Dogtown, and planning to escape from Night City for good. As a reward, they will leave a crate in their tent in the Barghest garrison, on the chair where Paco was sitting, containing the Carmen DA8 Umbra, a Skill Shard: Solo, and €$8000.

Journal Entry[]

Two BARGHEST pups're in way over their heads and, of course, who else but V to the rescue? I always had a soft spot for tragedies and this one's already got me hooked. You're taking this gig - end of discussion. Think you can pull them outta this shitshow? Got my fingers half-crossed.


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  • Talk to the strangers.
  • Talk to Paco and Babs.
    • Sit down with Paco and Babs.
  • Take Deep Dive with Paco and Babs.
    • Take the elevator to the lobby.
    • Talk to Yuri.
    • Talk to Paco.
    • Defeat Paco in a fistfight.
    • Talk to Paco.
  • Talk to Paco and Babs.
  • Take Deep Dive with Paco and Babs.
    • Drive with Paco.
    • Defeat the Scavengers.
    • Approach the wounded scavenger.
    • Talk to Paco and the BARGHEST soldiers.
  • Talk to Paco and Babs.
  • If you call in a favor:
  • Message your contacts to find help for Paco and Babs.
    • Message Rogue to ask for help. [Optional]
    • Message Panam to ask for help. [Optional]
    • Message River to ask for help. [Optional]
    • Talk to Paco about the help you arranged.
  • Wait to hear from Paco and Babs.
  • Collect the package Paco left you.

Associated Shards[]


  • The quest and its related characters become unavailable after finishing Firestarter, and will automatically fail if left uncompleted before the aforementioned quest.


  • This quest is named after the song Balls to the Wall from the album of the same name by the German metal band Accept.