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The Bakkers were a nomad clan sometime before 2077. They merged with Snake Nation and dissipated within their ranks.


The indirect cause of the family's weakening in leadership was - paradoxically - not enough internal opposition within the group. Decisions made by Selita Bakker, the charismatic and surprisingly long-lived leader - were made without so much as a grumble, and her orders were carried out immediately. Selita led the Bakkers with an iron fist - she was a domineering figure, perhaps overwhelmingly so, but you couldn't call her a tyrant. Loved and respected by all, toward the end of her life she seemed to regret that nobody in the family tried to take power or at the very least challenge her authority.

After Selita's death, the family entered a transition period - her position was occupied successively by DeLou Bakker, Lorna Ruiz and Chari Dahlin. None of them led the family for more than two years. DeLou died during a skirmish with Raffen Shiv, Lorna resigned, and Chari simply collected her things and disappeared from the camp one day. It appears that the family depended so long on Selita, that when she was gone nobody could make any firm, unilateral decisions.

The family's subsequent leaders ruled "without any conviction," in the words of Trin Bakker, who like many other young members left the Bakker family after it decided to merge with Snake Nation.

· Tirn: When I looked at DeLou or Chari, I had the impression they had an invisible sign over their heads that said, "What would Selita do?" Lorno was all right, but she drank too much. To be honest, I don't blame her, I think grandma's heart would break if she saw how quickly her successors went through the family's supplies and tore up contracts and agreements with other clans. And the idea to join Snake Nation? We might as well have asked Raffen Shiv to line us up on the dirt and execute us. What's the difference? That was the true end of the family. That's why I, Ossian, Lil Elam, Afshin, Persia and others decided to leave.
· S.W.: Do you still keep in touch?
· Trin: No.[1]


  • Selita Bakker (deceased)
  • DeLou Bakker (deceased)
  • Lorna Ruiz

Former Members

  • Chari Dahlin
  • Trin Bakker
  • V (dependent)
  • Ossian
  • Lil Elam
  • Afshin
  • Persia