Sparsely populated by Nomads, the Badlands are the vast plains outside of the city proper. Unchecked resource extraction, burning oil fields, rampant pollution; this district makes Night City feel like a rich oasis. But it holds golden opportunities for those in the know.

— Cyberpunk 2077

The Badlands is considered the 7th district featured in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Badlands are the vast plains outside of Night City.[2] Populated by Nomads, it makes the city look more glamorous in comparison. However there's still life in here and golden opportunities. There are a lot of surprises out here.

Nomads aren't the only ones who call Badlands their home.[2] A a gang made up mostly of exiles from local tribes and families known as the Wraiths reisde here, these are the guys responsible for the corporate transport disappearances. Crossing into their territory without armed transport is suicide.

Unchecked resource extraction and derelict oilfields dominate in the north.[2] Wastelands full of chemicals and landfills reign supreme in the east. Acid rains are a result from the massive pollution, this guarantees nothing will ever grow here anytime soon, perhaps ever, while the winds carrying the unbearable stench that makes sure that Night City doesn't forget this place exists.[2]

The south side is comprised of desert. Due to Biotechnica's many protein farms, as well as the Jackson Plains power plant, this part of the badlands is less apocalyptic than the rest. Some even think it's safe around here, but let your guard down for a second and it'll eat you up alive.[2]

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