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Baby Let Me Take You is a side job in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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This quest becomes available after completing Just Another Story at least 7 times.

Muamar will contact V about a gig, telling them to drop all other deliveries for now (despite this, players can still continue to do courier missions as normal if so desired), and will ask to meet at his hangout by the dam. Upon arrival Muamar will be seen arguing with Ayden Daniels, before the latter leaves. Muamar will tell V about a gig to steal an Arasaka truck from the docks, with Daniels providing support, before walking off sullen. Johnny Silverhand will appear telling V to follow Muamar to ask what's wrong. Speak to Muamar about what's troubling him, then after the conversation finishes go to the Arasaka Docks by the City Center in Corpo Plaza.

At the docks, find and speak to Daniels first, who will tell V what to look for: a Behemoth truck aboard the ship docked there, with several guards within the compound on watch. Regardless of whether the player gets to the truck stealthily or not, once V boards the truck an alarm will be rung with several Arasaka squads hitting the docks soon afterwards, with a firefight breaking out between Arasaka and Daniels. Players have the option of getting out of the truck to save Daniels at this point, or leaving him to his fate by driving off with the truck.

  • If V gets out to save Daniels, Arasaka will have more time to set up roadblocks along the escape route and some of the medical equipment in the truck will get damaged along the way. Muamar will comment on this later, Daniels will message V angrily about this.
  • If V leaves Daniels behind he will die, but none of the equipment will get damaged.

Drive the truck to the marked garage by Santo Domingo in Arroyo, making sure to eliminate any pursuing Arasaka enemies on the road.

Once the truck has been delivered, talk to Muamar, who will then reward V with a Herrera Outlaw "Weiler" at the garage.

Journal Entry[]

Muamar "El Capitan" Reyes wants to focus? On somethin' important? Shit, what could be more important than a criminal enterprise dedicated to the art of grand theft auto on a massive scale? So many questions, and so few answers.


  • Meet El Capitan by the dam.
  • Talk to El Capitan.
  • Go to the Arasaka docks.
  • Read the message from Daniels. [Optional]
  • Meet with Daniels at the docks.
  • Talk to Daniels.
  • Get onto the Arasaka cargo ship.
  • Find the Arasaka Truck on the cargo ship.
  • Get in Truck.
  • Deliver the vehicle to the garage.
  • Save Daniels. [Optional]
    • Check on Daniels. [Optional]
  • Deliver the vehicle to the garage.
  • Talk to El Capitan.
  • Get in the car.

Associated Shards[]


  • Muamar mentions the factories poisoning Santo Domingo since 2061 were owned by Arasaka. This should not be possible as Arasaka was banned from North America until 2070.
  • It is possible to completely fail the mission by letting the Arasaka truck be destroyed, either through taking enough damage, or by driving it into the water. Muamar will message V afterwards about the specific manner on how the truck was destroyed.