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BMW 910a Police Combat is a vehicle in Protect & Serve.

Sourcebook Description[]

This tried and tested vehicle comes in two major forms. The 910a is designed to transport officers into and out of a variety of hazardous environments, while the 910b is primarily used to transport prisoners in large numbers to holding areas and prison complexes. Both vehicles have forward driver compartments equipped with two seats, multi-band radio, siren, lights, air bags, Infrared viewer, 100m radar and automated fire-extinguishers. Both are also filled with six-wheel drive for steady maneuvering.
The police carrier can transport up to ten officers in full riot gear, or up to sixteen in an emergency. There are four fire ports on each side and a further two in the rear, providing all-round offensive capability.
The prison version is equipped seat restraints for prisoners, if necessary, capable of holding even enhanced perpetrators. In addition, the rear section can also be flooded with a toxin that will cause unconsciousness within thirty seconds. Both vehicles have SP=30 and SDP=80. The tires have SP=15. Top speed is 140kph, or 70kph off-road.[2]


  • The original stats are in kilometers but to keep it consistent with other sourcebooks, has been converted to miles.


  1. Original stats are 140kph
  2. PASS, G. Protect and Serve. 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R. Talsorian Games, 1992 (pg.35)