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BMW 2020 is a car introduced in Maximum Metal.

Maximum Metal Description[]

There are some who consider law enforcement to be a close relative of combat duty. Most inner-city cops consider combat duty to be the lesser hazard. The BMW 2020 Urban Patrol Vehicle's military use is normally confined to security, but its off-road capability makes it useful for field duty.
Special Equipment: Off-road capable, crash control systems. fire extinguisher, military radio, infra-red, light amplification, radar.
Weapons: Turreted I-space weapon (7.62mm Minigun, 40mm Auto-GL, or water cannon).[3]

Protect & Serve Description[]

The tiger of the urban jungle, the 2020 is a heavily armed and armored urban fighting vehicle. Designed to house just two crew, the vehicle contains a sall containment facility, which at a squeeze can accommodate up to four prisoners (In some discomfort, but then they aren't there for the ride!)[2]
Standard features include multi-band radio with a tight-beam transmitter/receiver, an onboard computer, automatic fire extinguishers, sirens, lights, crashbags for emergency maneuvers, an infrared and lowlite viewer, and a 400m radar suite for those smoke-ridden battlefields and shopping malls.
The vehicle has a solid four-wheel drive system using new solid tires (SP=20), which support its heavily-armored frame with ease (SP=30, SDP=75). Included is a remote turret capable of holding most heavy weapons systems; common types tend to be the Deluge for crowd control actions, or for those cyberpsychos, the good ol' M-134 Minigun.
Top speed is 150kph on road, or 75kph off-road, a definite must for all of those tricky-to-catch creeps who like cross-country running.


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