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BMW 1010 Minivan is a vehicle introduced in Protect & Serve.

Sourcebook Description[]

The BMW Minivan is considered by many to be the workhorse of the police department. It is a four-wheel drive transport vehicle, designed to be used in a variety of police activities. Its primary use is as a portable lab and transport for the forensics teams, who require a fast and easy way to move their equipment from one crime scene to another. The Minivan can accommodate a total of four people, along with a large scientific computer and test equipment. The standard model is equipped with a multi-band radio, siren, lights, and a satlink antenna for transmitting data to the central police mainframe system.
The vehicle does possess a limited amount of armor, providing it with SP=15 and SDP=35. Top speed is 120kph, or 60kph over rough ground.The Minivan has no weapons, although space is provided for a single weapon mount on the roof (a Cyclone SSW is a popular fitting in the more hazardous areas).
Standard Inventory for a Forensics Team: 1x Armalite .44 Autopistol w/4 Magazines, Portable Forensics Lab (+1 to all related skill checks), Drug Analyzer, Mini-Computer (connected via satlink to Police Central computer), Ballistics Kit, Medical Examiner Kit[2]


  • The original stats are in kilometers but to keep it consistent with other sourcebooks, has been converted to miles.


  1. Original stats are 120kph
  2. PASS, G. Protect and Serve. 1st ed. Berkeley CA: R. Talsorian Games, 1992 (pg.36)