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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly referred to as BMW is an automotive manufacturer in Cyberpunk 2020.


Founded in Munich, Germany, on March 7, 1916, BMW is a German vehicle manufacturer specializing in high-performance luxury sportscars, sedans, SUVs, motorcycles and aircraft engines. By 2020, they have branched out into aerodyne and AV-7 production.

Sourcebook Description[]

Cyberpunk V3.0 Quoted: "I threw myself behind a burning Bimmer and grabbed my FN-RAL and picked my targets".[1]


Type Products
Cars BMW 9 Performance Interceptor
BMW 309 Sedan
BMW 600 Patrol Cruiser
BMW 2020
BMW 5600 Sedan
BMW 9018s[2]
BMW Burowagen HSR
Hovers BMW 2500 Hovercycle
Pickups BMW 1010
Trucks BMW 910a
BMW 910b

Vehicles in Partnership

Type Products
Aerodynes BMW-Infiniti Aerodyne AV-7
BMW-McDonnell Douglas AV-7

Models Gallery[]


  • BMW is a real-world corporation.
  • Bimmer is a slang term used for a BMW.


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