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BARGHEST is a militia operating in Dogtown in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.


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Originally a unit part of Militech, BARGHEST declared its independence from the corporation after Colonel Kurt Hansen claimed a large portion of Night City's Pacifica for himself during the Unification War. This area would later be now known as Dogtown.[1][2] Originally made up by former Militech soldiers that fought alongside Hansen during the war, over the years, mercenaries and other veterans joined them, as well as street punks that were allured with promises of becoming part of something greater.[3]

Database Entry[]



If you hear "Dogtown" and automatically think "BARGHEST," chances are you won't die straight away. The organization founded by Kurt Hansen is more than just an ordinary Night City gang. No one else has managed the feat of carving an entire district out for themselves, kicking out the police completely and keeping it that way for nearly a decade.

It started small: Colonel Hansen's unit seized part of Pacifica at the end of the Unification War and never laid down arms. Only six soldiers remain from that squad, and as Hansen's most trusted men they now sit at the top of the food chain. The nascent BARGHEST quickly took similar folks under its wing: veterans who'd been forgotten by the megacorps, mercs without contracts, renegade gangers from various parts of the city - you name it.

Hansen's organization also proved tempting to average Night City residents who, for various reasons, found themselves at the end of their ropes. Kurt Hansen gave them a gun, a salary, medical care via his ripper contacts and - perhaps most importantly - asked no questions in exchange for their absolute loyalty. For those at the very bottom, BARGHEST is a pretty good alternative to a life of petty crime - a career with a short life expectancy.

Anywhere else, under different leadership, the band of delinquents that make up BARGHEST would have collapsed like a house of cards or atrophied like a cyberpsycho's brain. Hansen managed the impossible. Credit goes to his dominating presence, charisma and intelligence, but most of all presenting folks with a fresh start - one without hidden costs or corporate fine print, and a place where cops and undercover narcs get strung up from lampposts. For many, this vision was, is and will continue to be extremely tempting.


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Of the original members of Hansen's unit upon Dogtown's foundation, only six were still active in 2077.


Weapons and equipment[]

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Barghest has a wide selection of weaponry available. These are often partially painted in their fluorescent yellow color and have slightly changed stats compared to their normal variants, as they were tested and modified in Kurt Hansen's weapon factory in the EBM Petrochem Stadium.

The militia also possesses a vast arsenal of military equipment manufactured by Militech, including Minotaurs, Centaurs, Mobile Missile Systems, a Basilisk, and at least two Chimeras. For air power, they also have access to a number of AVs, as well as an airship which circles Dogtown.


  • Fluorescent yellow painted Barghest will act as any other gang, while those with red painted armor will act as the law enforcement of Dogtown.


  • The main influence for Barghest and its leader Kurt Hansen were South American drug lords.[2]
  • It is named after the Barghest, a mythical monstrous dog.