Automatic Love is a main job in Cyberpunk 2077.


After meeting with Takemura, you decide to track down Evelyn Parker to find out if she knows anything about the Relic. After optionally calling Judy, head to Lizzie's Bar, and enter her workshop. After a brief conversation with Judy, you discover that she doesn't know where Evelyn is, but she points you in the direction of a dollhouse called Clouds on the 12th floor of Megabuilding H8, where Evelyn used to work.

After arriving, you make an appointment to see a doll there, either Angel or Skye, to question them for information about Evelyn's location, and they suggest you speak to another doll named Tom in the VIP area. Entering the VIP area without an access card will cause the Tyger Claws to become hostile towards you, but if you wait outside for a while, a gang member will enter the nearby bathroom where you can stealthily take him out and steal his access card.

Once in the VIP area, enter Tom's booth, and he will reveal that Evelyn had an accident there and ended up in a special clinic in Oslo. He suggests speaking to the dolls' caretaker, Woodman, whose office is in a restricted part of the building, so you'll have to disable at least the security camera by the door, and enter when the guards are not watching if you wish to avoid combat.

Woodman will not immediately be hostile when you enter his office, but the dialogue you choose during the interrogation can cause him to become so. If you have enough Intelligence, you can offer information on how to better secure their system in exchange for information about what happened to Evelyn. Otherwise, to maintain a peaceful conclusion, you'll need to choose the following:

  • You don't understand what's at stake.
  • Let's not make this harder than it has to be.
  • One way or another, I'll find out...

If Woodman does become hostile, you will instead have to defeat him and learn the information he would've told you by reading a message on his computer. Either way, you will be directed to see a ripperdoc called Fingers on Jig-Jig Street.

Journal Entry

So you've decided to find the chick who put on this first-class shitshow. She had a job and you took it 'cause there was no one else to knock some sense into your gonk head. I'm here now, but so what? This search and rescue bullshit's a dead end, but that's not about to stop you. Maybe Evelyn will, who knows? Sure seems like she doesn't wanna be found.


  • Call Judy. [Optional]
  • Find Evelyn at Lizzie's Bar.
  • Meet with Judy.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Take the cigarette case.
  • Leave Lizzie's Bar.
  • Go to Megabuilding H8.
  • Take the elevator to Clouds.
  • Head to Clouds in the evening.
  • If it's not evening:
    • Sit and wait until the evening.
  • Check in at the Clouds reception.
    • Jack in at reception.
  • Deposit your weapons.
  • If you chose Angel:
    • Go into booth 6.
  • If you chose Skye:
    • Go into booth 9.
  • Join the doll in the booth.
  • Ask the doll about Evelyn.
    • Sit on the bed.
  • Get inside the VIP area.
    • Acquire a VIP access card. [Optional]
  • Find Tom.
  • Ask Tom about Evelyn.
  • Head to Woodman's office.
  • Interrogate Woodman.
  • If Woodman becomes hostile:
    • Defeat Woodman
    • Talk to Johnny.
    • Get more info about Evelyn.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Leave Clouds.
    • Collect your weapons from the locker.
  • Take the elevator to the ground floor.
    • Talk to Johnny. [Optional]


  • During this job, you can find an iconic pistol, Lizzie, on a table just before entering Judy's workshop.
  • During this job, you can find an iconic katana, Cocktail Stick, on a table near Evelyn's jacket in a hostile area in the Clouds Vip Zone.
  • You will have to deposit your weapons after entering Clouds, but there is a Liberty pistol behind the bar in the VIP area you can take.


  • The side job, Machine Gun, can fail here when you put your weapons (including Skippy) in the locker.


  • The title of the job comes from the Die Form song, Automatic Love.
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