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Auto Werks is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


This auto repair shop can be found on Sage Gulch Road in the Jackson Plains region of the southern Badlands. The area is guarded by Wraiths.[1]



The exterior of Auto Werks is patrolled by several Marauders and Hunters and two Militech Aegis X2s that are located at the front entrance. A Sniper can be seen on top of the gas station.

1st Floor

The first floor consists mainly of access to the basement and a staircase leading the office on the second floor, a Revenant and Bane can be encountered here. There is also a small shop where a Hunter can be encountered. An Access Point can be found at the staircase.

2nd Floor

The second floor has a small office with Big Pete's terminal that is guarded by a Hunter. An Access Point can be found outside on the roof.


The basement exists of a small room, with a passageway leading to a grate. Inside this room, Big Pete can be encountered. There is also a terminal in the room that can be hacked.

Associated Quests


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