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Atlantis is a raft-city introduced in Cyberpunk 2020.


Atlantis was a floating city built by a group of millionaires and investors off the coast of Florida. It was connected to the mainland by an equally floating highway, which included maglev transport cars and connected to the I-195. Atlantis was a picturesque and expensive city, which supported its own police force and was mostly pedestrian, although AV and helicopter traffic between rooftops was common.[1] Atlantis' land size was considerably smaller in size when compared to the raft-city AquaDelphi's 1.5 square miles, but was still a bustling bee-hive of activity.[2]


Local food production in Atlantis included fishing, sugar, and citrus type fruits. Industries in which Atlantis specialized were entertainment, finance, software production[1] and a thriving black market too.[3]


Below is a list of corporations located in the raft-city of Atlantis:


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