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Make sure Abernathy won't be a problem anymore. You said it. I need to defend myself.


Arthur Jenkins was a senior member of the Arasaka Corporation's Counter Intelligence Division and head of Night City's department in Cyberpunk 2077.[3] Jenkins is referred to as a "very capable psychopath" by an Arasaka subordinate which is what makes him an effective leader.


If V has chosen the Corpo lifepath:

Arthur Jenkins was V's direct superior at the Arasaka Corporation. It is not mentioned as to their relationship, only that Jenkins saved V from a life far less kind and that V is his trusted compatriot who is indebted to him. V's colleagues seem jealous of V's position, referring to V as "Jenkins' boy/girl".
Arthur despises his superior and rival, Director Susan Abernathy of Special Operations. According to Jenkins' claims, Abernathy double-crossed him and worked her way up by slandering him in the process when the two of them were working together in Osaka. Before their transfer to Night City, Abernathy stole his promotion to the directorship by smearing him to the administrative board, something he has never forgiven and bitterly clings to.
After a damaging leak about an incident in Frankfurt puts the company at risk of losing its license to bases on the Sea of Clouds on Luna, Jenkins orders a cyberattack against the European Space Council, delaying a vote on the revocation of the license. Abernathy calls to criticize Jenkins' tactic as too messy and says it will be costly to cover up. Jenkins, already brimming with hatred for Abernathy, then orders V to eliminate Abernathy by any means they see fit and gives them a datachip with a file on her personal life including her philandering, extortion and numerous other incriminating data files. .[3]
Jenkins' scheme, however, was already relayed to Abernathy by Carter Smith long before she was ever in danger of being assassinated. Upon organizing and attempting to remove her, V is abruptly assaulted by Abernathy's Arasaka security contractors and interrogated at Lizzie's Bar whilst attempting to organize a contract with Jackie Welles.

Ultimately, Abernathy's agents retrieve the datashard with all incriminating information collected on her. Jenkins and the majority of the Counter Intelligence Division are executed at some point. V is spared only because of their Valentinos and Mox compatriots keeping the peace at Lizzie's Bar. Jenkins' memorial can be found at the Columbarium, regardless of V's lifepath.[3]

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