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Arroyo is a sub-district of Santo Domingo, located in southeastern Night City.


The Arroyo district is always under constant construction, and in 2077 it consists of an old-fashioned nuclear power plant, robot factories, a logistics center, and a gigantic junkyard. Not every corporate investments have turned out to be profitable, and a significant number of buildings in this district are unfinished, either partially constructed or simply laying in complete ruin. All the operational high-tech sites, including the Arasaka factory or Petrochem-Betterlife's power plants, are restricted areas with their own security forces. The reason being for such high security is that this district belongs to the 6th Street gang, they control many abandoned factories and heavy equipment storage areas in the district.[1]

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"When are they gonna finish Arroyo?" residents like to joke about their district. For money, it seems like a neverending construction site, with buildings bulldozed overnight to make way for new ones that same morning. Arroyo currently hosts a power plant, a fully automated factory, a logistics center, and a gigantic landfill. Arroyo's no Pacifica, but investment has been shaky - driving through you'll see scores of decrepit or unfinished buildings. But just because the factories and warehouses are closed, doesn't mean they're abandoned - many of them serve as hideouts for the 6th Street Gang. Perhaps then it isn't strange that whatever's still owned by Arasaka or Petrochem is carefully guarded by corporate military squads.[2]


Fast travel points

This sub-district includes the next fast travel points:

  • Arasaka Industrial Park
  • Hargreaves St
  • MLK & Brandon
  • Megabuilding H4
  • Megabuilding H6
  • Metro: Wolleson St
  • Red Dirt Bar
  • Republic East

Behind the scenes

Think of this as the Southside Industrial District and you're not far off, except Arroyo somehow manages to be even dirtier and more derelict than its northern cousin. Its factories focus on heavy metallurgy, or at least did, before the majority went bankrupt. When they shut their doors, they left a dozen megabuildings' worth of newly unemployed neighbors standing outside. The only gainful employment to be had was either with gangs or security corporations keeping gangs away from the few still-active factories. Arroyo is Entropism with a Neomilitarist edge, a district of teetering chimneys and crumbling but still imposing megabuildings. Yet the people who live here are colorful and feisty, as reflected in the Kitsch graffiti and outfits we see at street level.


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