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Army M-15 Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an IFV in Maximum Metal.

Sourcebook Description[]

The term "Infantry Fighting Vehicle" is applied to an armored personnel carrier that carries enough weaponry to operate in support of the infantry it carries. While this does increase the organic firepower of an armored infantry unit, it also increases the cost, and IFVs can't carry enough armor for a slugfest with anything more powerful than very light vehicles. In practice, the best use for IFVs is at a distance, behind the troops as fire support. Unfortunately, this means that the troops have to disembark at a distance from their objective, nullifying the advantage of armored transport.
Furthermore, the U.S. Army still can't seem to get an IFV that can float!
Special Equipment: Reactive armor, amphibious modifications, environment control, fire extinguisher, 4 IR smoke projectors, anti-personnel grenades, military radio with scrambler, laser and visual rangefinders. auto-pilot and navigation system, image enhancement, thermograph.[2]
Weapons: HATGM with 7 active optic/thermal missiles and stabilized 30mm autocannon in turret.[2]


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