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Arkady Cherminino is the current Chairman of SovOil's Board of Directors. At SovOil, the Chairmanship is an elected position with a five year term. Central Board members vote among themselves, usually for one of three or four nominees. The Chairman is the nominal head of the corporation, but he has no authority over the Board, except to marshal votes and preside over meetings. He does, however, act as spokesman for the company, and he can cast crucial tie-breaking votes. The Chairman is also the head of the Emergency Committee, when it is invoked.

Cherminino is in his second term as Chairman of the Board, serving his eighth year as leader of the corporation. He was voted into the chairmanship after a weary and aging Yarno Kurgasyn retired to an estate in the Crimea. Cherminino has been a model leader for the corporation, winning friends in the Board and in the executive, and helping to keep the sometimes fractious Inner Board unified through a crucial period of SovOil's history. Most analysts predict that he will be elected to a third term in 2021, unless some crisis undermines the Board's confidence in him. SovOil has gone into emergency session only twice in Cherminino's tenure: once when two republics were on the verge of civil war, and once when a wave of terrorist activity in the Philippines and Malaysia threatened the corporation's South China Sea operation. Cherminino acquitted himself well each time, and few people doubt his abilities. He is an especially adept diplomat, and he has been instrumental in settling differences between several of the Soviet republics when the Central Committee has failed. He often acts as a consultant for the Central Committee, a position which gives him a unique opportunity to implement SovOil's hidden agenda.

Cherminino is a dynamic, affable man in his mid-fifties. He was a junior member of the SGKP Subcommittee before SovOil privatized; a New Reformist from White Russia. He has ascended to his high position with a quick mind, winning personality, cosmopolitan attitude, and strong entrepreneurial and diplomatic instincts. Despite his friendly demeanor, he is shrewd enough to recognize a power play when he sees one, and he deals with enemies quickly and finally. He is devoted to the Corporation, and dedicated to preserving the legacy of Anatoly Novikovo.[1]


Resources 10, Personal Grooming 5, Wardrobe and Style 6, Oratory 4, Human Perception 6, Leadership 7, Social 6, Awareness/Notice 5, Education and General Knowledge 8, Expert SovOil Corporation 10, Expert Diplomat 10, Expert Entrepreneur 7, Russian (Native), English 7, Stock Market 6, Driving 4, Brawling 3, Rifle 2, Handgun 2, Melee 1.[1]


Basic Proccessor, Chipware Socket, Interface Plugs, Data Term Link.[1]


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