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Ares is the living example of a man who has been through Hell and come back to tell about it. With an extensive military background, he surfaced in Night City years ago as a high priced solo. In 2010, after a particularly difficult mission which drove him over the edge, he opted for body plating, which in tum ripped away any vestige of humanity remaining. After several well publicized "weeks of terror" Ares was captured alive by the police in a spectacular firefight which cost the lives of over thirty police officers and civilians. Although vehemently protested against by both police and public, and only after much personality reconditioning, Ares was put in charge of the Night City Cyberpsycho (or 'borg) Squad. His daring tactics and actions have earned him much notoriety, and his face appears almost nightly across many of the city's screamsheets.[1]


INT 6, REF 10, TECH 7, COOL 9, ATTR 7, LUCK 5, MA 8, BODY 10, EMP 3.[1]


Combat Sense 8, Strength Feats, Interrogation 8, Intimidate 9, Resist Torture 5, Education 3, Drive 3, Handgun 10, Melee 10, Rifle 6, SMG 7, Combat Leadership 7, Dodge 6, Demolitions 5, Expert (combat tactics) 7.[1]


Full body plating, Cyberarm with BigRipp Cyberaudio w/ampl. hearing, Phone Link, Radio Splice. Cybereye w/lR, Anti Dazzle.[1]


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