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Disambig This article is about the Hella EC-H i860 NCPD Enforcer. For other variants, see Archer Hella.

Fitted with armor-plating made of fire-resistant composites. According to crash tests, driver safety is graded up to 80 mph.

 — Hella EC-H i860 NCPD Enforcer, Cyberpunk 2077

The Hella EC-H i860 NCPD Enforcer is a police vehicle manufactured by Archer in Cyberpunk 2077.


The Enforcer is a special version of the Archer Hella to be used by the NCPD. It is equipped with fireproof glass and a strong armored body.[1]

Database Entry[]

Archer Hella EC-H i860 NCPD Enforcer


The base model of the Archer Hella has a number of positive attributes, but durability doesn't count among them. For this reason, the NCPD commissioned Archer for a variant of the Hella model called Enforcer, which comes equipped with a reinforced body. Cheap plastic composites and glass were replaced with flame-resistant, bulletproof materials, and flimsy bumpers were replaced with hardened steel bars. Ever since the these armored Archers entered active service, many NCPD officers have found creative ways to use them. For example, to silence inconvenient witnesses or obnoxious criminals, some officers fasten in, hit the pedal and slam into concrete walls. The vehicle emerges largely unscathed with the cops in good health (except for the occasional mild concussion), but the people in the backseat, well... They learn a valuable lesson before ever reaching the station.[1]


  • The only 'radio station' available in the vehicle is the police dispatch.
  • If you press the horn button, you can toggle the siren. To use the horn itself, you must hold the button with the siren inactive. When the siren is active the lights on the side will turn red.
  • Game files indicate a version called the "Eradicator" was supposed to appear in The Beast In Me. Instead, the visuals of the car are used by other Enforcers and can be seen patrolling Night City.


  1. Despite its description stating the Enforcer is completely bulletproof, only the front and rear windshields, and the rear side windows are. The front side windows are not bulletproof.


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