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The WSSX was developed to capture the market away from the Barrett-Arasaka Light 20 by capitalizing on the popularity of the WSSA; Arasaka hates to share profits. To that end, the WSSA was rechambered for the devastating Light 20mm shell of the Barrett-Arasaka model, making it attractive to any 'psycho squad. Peruvian C-SWAT teams were the first to field the WSSX, and its recent use by Lima's police force was a great success. The target, a Brazilian Nomad gone cyberpsychotic, was picked off at 550 meters in an airport terminal from a sniper perched on the air control tower. A clean chest shot killed him instantly.

Like the original, the WSSX has excellent ergonomics and is made entirely from lightweight polymer composites (including a ceramic barrel), so any team member can easily hump it around. The weapon is equipped with a suppressor, a flash hider, a ported muzzle muzzle brake, mercury barrel shock damper, and comes smartchipped from the factory; it employs the WSSA's computer-enhanced Zeiss cyberscope, which grants a chipped shooter laser-range finding capability, low-light vision, and +2 to Awareness.

While the WSSX is an ideal 'bog-buster, Arasaka has made sure that it will also be popular among corporate enforcement teams and black ops units by designing a new ammo load: the Trisector, which packs the wide-bore 20mm shell with three 3.5mm fragmentation flechettes. These are the same projectiles fired by the WSSA, but the triplepack rounds increase hit probably, compound wound trauma, and because the flechettes are each of a slightly different weight and are staggered within the shell, windows won't affect their accuracy; the first flechette will punch a hole in a window and the other two will continue through with a flat trajectory.

Arasaka also markets a marine version for their security forces in the CINO/OTEC conflict This version of the weapon is completely sealed, waterproofed, and protected against the salt water and industrial corrosives found in the sea. It can even be fired while totally submerged (beware of recoil), but the magazine is sealed and cannot be removed until surfaced.[1]

Special Equipment[]

  • with Smartchipping; WA is +3 without
  • Frag-Flechette load; roll 1D6/2 to see how many flechettes hit.[1]


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