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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the building in Night City. For the building in Tokyo, see Arasaka Tower (Tokyo).

The Arasaka American Division Headquarters (more commonly known as the Arasaka Tower) is a massive skyscraper located in Corpo Plaza, Night City.

During its different iterations, it usually was the building that dominated the skyline of the city and often being its most secure location. By 2077, the new tower not only was the tallest building in Night City, but it had also become a symbol of its neomilitaristic skyline.


1990s - 2013

The original Arasaka Tower was the headquarters for the American division of the Arasaka Corporation. Despite having multiple regional offices across America, the corporation had a huge investment in the building stages of Night City, making it the head of the corporation's operations in the whole continent. Toshiro was the director of Arasaka America and had his office in this tower.

The office building was eventually replaced by a new one after the 2013 assault, which destroyed much of it.

2013 - 2023

Situated in Night City's Corporate Center - in the Corporate Plaza - the newly built Arasaka Tower replaced the previous building destroyed in 2013. At 130 stories, it was the tallest building in Night City, and was clearly visible from most areas in a clear weather.

The towers had a featureless surface in black glass and steel. The Arasaka logo and name were on a black marble plaque that stood by the walkway to the main entrance. There were heliports and AV-4 pads on both tower roofs, and a restricted subterranean parking and loading area. The only section opened to the public was the reception area in the ground floor, and no public facilities were found anywhere in the building. On the other hand, private companies had an arrange of facilities - including cafeterias, trauma centers, stores, recreatives and sleeping quarters.

All building accesses were tightly controlled. Armed security troops patrolled the roofs, ground, parking area, and building interiors 24 hours a day. No unauthorized vehicles were permitted on the roofs, or in any subterranean areas. Authorization was to be given only if a person had an appointment, appeared on a traffic/commercial manifest or schedule, or was cleared by someone within the company. Similar conditions applied to people who wished to proceed beyond the reception area.

The Arasaka Plaza, a small park surrounding the building, was open to the public, but corporate security patrolled it daily.[1]

Before 2020, after Toshiro was killed in the riot of 2013, Yoru Tomobiki became the director of Arasaka America and had his office in this tower.

During the Fourth Corporate War, Kei Arasaka used this building as the main operations center on the war effort against Militech. However, after losing support from the European division and the Arasaka assets from Japan, the megacorporation was on the losing side. The final blow was a mini-nuke that was placed in the HQ by a Militech team, which completely destroyed the Arasaka Towers, bringing about the Night City Holocaust. Arasaka was then kicked out of the USA, and the American division returned to their homeland, Japan.

2070 - 2077

The Arasaka Tower was rebuilt in 2070 after the corporation was officially welcomed back to the now Free City of Night City after the Unification War.[2] At a height of 620m, the tower has 140 floors.

A memorial dedicated to the victims of the bombing of the original twin towers was also constructed adjacent to the new structure. The memorial featured a preserved section of the ruins of the second tower.[3]

Database Entry (2077)

Arasaka Tower

To some a monument to corporate power, to others a symbol of oppression. Arasaka's West Coast headquarters is the heart of the megacorporation's financial and military operations in both Americas. Destroyed in 2023 in a bombing carried out by Johnny Silverhand, the tower later rose from the rubble as a testament to the corporation's ultimate triumph over its enemies. If history's written by the victors, then they made quite sure this particular footnote was written by the hands of the world's best architects. The majestic, 2034-foot (620m) steel-and-concreate monolith towers over Corpo Plaza, casting a shadow over every street in Night City - both literally and figuratively. The decisions that fall from the heavily guarded Arasaka Tower determinate the lives of all within the city limits.[3]

Layout (2077)

Seismic dampers section

Below the basement there is a system of seismic dampers which protect the building from earthquakes.

Floor -07 to -06: Netrun Operations Control

The Operations level of Arasaka's netrunners, tasked with protecting the integrity of Arasaka systems.

  • Mikoshi - The Netrunners Operations also guard the Mikoshi access of the Night City Arasaka Tower, a facility which holds the digital engrams of people.

Floor -05 to -01: Parking

The parking areas of Arasaka Tower.

Floor 01: Lobby

Arasaka Tower's atrial lobby employs a simplistic neomilitaristic style; the floor containing sleek, contemporary couches, tables, and benches. The main entrance — at which employees are to pass through an AIT body-scanner — is under constant guard with bodyguards inside and out, as well as an Arasaka ACPA. There are bathrooms as well as hallways that lead to other rooms closed off. A large screen over the elevators displays constant achievements from the Arasaka Corporation. Within the lobby an announcer is heard talking of Arasaka propaganda in Japanese. Holographic Japanese plants with a red glow can be seen accompanying the couches. The elevators each have screens that show a two part documentary of Saburo Arasaka, discussing his time in the Imperial Army and his rise as a corporate leader.

Floor 33: Counterintelligence

The Counter-intel level houses the offices of the counter intelligence operative teams of Arasaka. Susan Abernathy, director of operations, works on this level, as well as Arthur Jenkins who had his own office opposite of the rest overlooking Corpo Plaza. In the Corpo lifepath V's office and desk are opposite of Henry's, their coworker. The Counter-intel level also has a room for any meetings between the higher ups of counter intelligence group and board of directors. This level also includes private landing and parking for AV's of members in this division.

  • Arthur Jenkins' office - Jenkins' office has a neomilitaristic style. It's past an antechamber, and similar to other offices in the tower. Within there is a desk and seat with a smart glass screen behind it that when rolled up reveals a view of the Memorial Park.
  • Counterintel AV garage - A garage containing parked personal AV's belonging to several Arasaka counter-intel members, including Arthur Jenkins.

Floor 57: Offices

This floor contains a number of offices.

Floor 58 to 68: Atrium

The central floors of Arasaka Tower. Most of the rooms in these levels are offices and meeting rooms.

Floor 76: Jungle

An authentic jungle environment with flora and audio of forest creatures, heavily guarded and primarily used by Arasaka's board members, faction leaders, and CEO when holding important meetings.

Floor 110 to 117: Upper Atrium

High level rooms with offices and meeting rooms for high-ranking personnel.

Floor 134 to 135: Unlisted Executive Levels

The Unlisted Levels of Arasaka Tower are only available to higher members in the Arasaka Corporation, including the Arasaka family. On the two highest floors, is a classic Japanese style section with balconies made of wood, and in the middle a small little garden. Traditional Japanese architecture is present nearly everywhere on these levels as they also contain Saburo Arasaka's office. Very few know the place exists, even those working within Arasaka.

  • Saburo Arasaka's Office - Saburo's personal office is located on the Unlisted Levels within Arasaka Tower. He ordered for a replica of his office from Tokyo HQ to be constructed in every Arasaka headquarters in the world and as such, his Night City office is among the replicas. The office consists of Saburo's desk and chair, and a hidden elevator to the right. A large Smart Glass screen is on the wall behind his seat that shows a representation of a view of Downtown. The office's flooring is primarily wood, finished off with gold highlights, the walls colored in a strong gold, and his table constructed of white marble with gold veins. The hidden elevator can travel directly down to Mikoshi.

Floor 140: CEO Level

The CEO's level is the the most secure place within Arasaka Tower and in order to access it, one must pass through the Upper Atrium. This area was guarded by kuzu-domo combatants and even Adam Smasher at one point. Before reaching the CEO office there is a waiting area decorated with natural flora where visitors can sit on benches. The waiting area also has two stations for receptionists.

  • CEO's Office - This office is used by the Arasaka's CEO when staying in Night City. Within the office there is a desk and seat, with a smart glass screen behind it that can be rolled up to reveal a view of Night City's skyline. On the left and right sides of the room are two elevators used to travel to lower levels.

Unknown Floor: Medical Center

A medical area within Arasaka Tower. It can be accessed from the CEO's office.

Unknown Floor: Unlisted Department Levels

These levels are occupied by several departments, such as Legal, Public Relations, Finance, etc.

Unknown Floor: Security and Protection Levels

The operating levels of the Security Division of Arasaka.


  • In Cyberpunk 2077, a few meters above the rooftop walking area of the tower, there is a small - and hard to find - button floating on the air, which when activated calls an elevator that stops right there. Its roof is protected with fences, making it the tallest and safest point in the game to view the whole of Night City, the Badlands and the mountains beyond. Since it cannot be reached by normal means, it was probably left by developers for this view purpose.
  • Due to the 2077 building being used in the 2013/23 flashbacks, all those locations are found gameplay-wise within the tower, including two Saburo offices, one of which is found on the western area of the building, with a view to the sea; and the other on the eastern part; viewing Westbrook.



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