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The Arasaka Sleep Facility is a subsidiary of the large Arasaka Corporation. The Sleep Facility are designed for the cyber edgerunners of 2020, these can be rented out from anybody willing to rest till tomorrow. The device's major market is available in Japan, United States, and just about every major country.


The Arasaka Sleep Facility provides Comfort. Privacy. Comfort. Stay at one on your next trip and hide away from your troubles.

Inside A Sleep Facility[]

Sleep facilities (The Cubes) are large, box-like buildings, unattractive and depressing. They are pestholes of filth and degradation, catering to the misplaced, mistreated, or mistrusted of the world.

ASF Resident Lounge 2020

The only windows are on the first floor, where the lobby, main operator, entertainment facilities, and resident lounge are located. Each main operator handles requests from the tenants (which are typically ignored), as well as admits new guests and takes care of the money. He sits inside an armored room with SP 14 walls, with a 12 gauge shotgun nearby. There is also an emergency button to call the police or fire department, but also these calls are also typically ignored.

A standard ASF has 800 cubicles broken down into 80 cubicles per floor, making the building around 11 floors. The extra floor of space is used for storage. The cubicles themselves are broken down in groups of four, stacked two by two. Larger facilities can have as many as 1,000 cubicles, and the largest, located in Tokyo, has 2,000.

Washrooms are located at the end of each hall and provide enough sinks, toilets, and electrical outlets for half the number of cubicles in the hall.

The train facilities are usually located at a platform adjoining the ASF, or sometimes inside the ASF, either running through an enclosed first floor terminal or through a sublevel.

Sleep cubes are 2mx1 .5x1.5m, providing just enough space for a man to sleep in relative comfort. The beds are slabs of soft plastic, permanently affixed to the floor and usually stained by unmentionable things spanning all colors of the rainbow. Lighting is provided by two fluorescent tubes set into the upper corners. There is a 50% chance that both lights are working.

ASF Cubicle 2020

The door is much like a torpedo tube hatch, and the lock is little more than a bar slid across the entry. (Difficultly to open= 6). The door is SP 14, and the walls are SP 20.

The television option provides a small set built securely into the ceiling of the cubicle. Reception and maintenance are poor in an ASF, and only a fraction (around 20%) of the 180 promised stations come in. Radios usually work better, giving nearly full access to all stations, at least in the immediate area.

Anyone trying to get inside the radio or television automatically sets off an alarm at the main operator's desk and immediately forfeits the deposit. Getting to the equipment is a Task Difficulty 10 vs the Basic Tech skill.[1]


The Arasaka Sleep Facility provides all there at the seasonable price cost. The ASF networks is a series of sleeping establishments set up in nearly every city of the globe. Each building is equipped with hundreds of sleep cubicles, spacious enough to hold the largest man in comfort, yet inexpensive enough to fit that budget on the run.

Each Arasaka Sleep Facility has a resident lounge, here guests can go to know each other in a relaxed environment far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to that priceless commodity, there are also entertainment centers which provide access to over 180 channels, both public and cable, from around the world.

Many of the major ASF buildings near Lev Train stops, giving nearly immediate access to the city for those quick "getaway" journeys, or just a relaxing romp through the urban marketplace. Who can tell what can be found just around the corner? Maybe a new friend from another cubicle might know.[1]

What You Get[]

40 eb

  • A clean and comfortable sleep cubicle, satisfaction guarantied.
  • Full use of all Arasaka Sleeping Facility's lounge and entertainment centers.
  • The chance to meet new and interesting people.

For small additional fees, the following services are also available.

  • Electrical outlet. Only 10 eb per hour of use.
  • In-cubicle television. Only 50 eb deposit and 5 eb fee.
  • In-cubicle radio. Only a 25 eb deposit and a 2.5 eb fee.
  • Private telephone. Only a 10 eb initial fee and 0.75 eb per minute.
  • Heavy duty lock. Only a 100 eb deposit and a 10 eb fee.
  • Privacy option. Only a 1000 eb deposit and a 100 eb fee.[1]

Price: 40 eb/night + Options[]

What Goes on at an ASF:[]

Everything from drug deals to sex games happens at a sleep facility. ASFs are a good place to pick up new contacts and a better place to get killed. Most of the action at a facility runs toward petty theft and similar crimes, but occasionally a travelling ripperdoc takes up shop in a cubicle, adding to the number of stains on the bed.

The chance to find some piece of equipment such as a gun or similar piece of hardware is Difficulty 8 against the Streetwise skill. Searching for a chump to do a crime runs between Task Difficulty 6 to 12 against the Streetwise skill, depending on the severity. Ripperdocs are naturally wary, and finding one is Difficulty 12 against the streetwise skill.

gambling is the most common from of entertainment at a sleep facility, especially since the televisions and radios usually don't work. Prostitution is the second most common form of entertainment. No roll is needed for either. The privacy option is little more than a bribe, and the actual price may vary.[1]


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