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Arasaka Riot 8 is an APC introduced in Chromebook Volume 1 and expanded on in Maximum Metal.

Chromebook Volume 1 Description[]

When the great unwashed come knocking at your door, you'll want to have a Riot-VIII waiting for them. The Riot-VIII is a state of the art crowd control/suppression vehicle. Enhancements over the old generation of riot control vehicles include: fully fire-resistant hull designed to shrug off Molotov cocktails; water cannon with 10 minutes of spray and a new steam function (pat. pend.) that will break up the most determined riot with only minor scalds and burns; fully cybered control system including a satellite uplink that allows the board of directors to handle a situation with that personal touch. And this new generation of crowd control vehicles is capable of operating in the most rugged of urban environments for days if necessary. Riot at your downtown facility? Call 1-800-ARASAKA now and our representative can have vehicles in operation within 120 minutes or less. You have our word. We'll be there.
Game Notes: Top speed is 120mph. SDP=200, SP=30. Crew of two, and up to 8 riot police. Troops carried are not fully enclosed, but are under 75% cover. The watercannon is turreted- 360° traverse. Water cannon range=30m; 10m for live steam. There is also a grenade launcher on the cab roof; 180°. arc carries 18 standard grenades, 300m range. The watercannon's effects are up to the individual Referee, keep them an unknown factor; unknown, but potentially extremely painful.

Maximum Metal Description[]

A common sight on troubled streets. The Riot 8 is not a full-fledged combat vehicle, but can become a good facsimile in times of trouble.
Special Equipment: Cyber-assisted, military radio, satellite uplink, auto­pilot, navigation system, off-road capable.
Weapons: Water cannon in 360° open mount, auto-GL in 180° open mount on cab.
The Riot 8 is open-topped, and troops inside it only receive SP cover 75% of the time.[3]