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Daikani is a cyberwalk manufactured by Arasaka in Cyberpunk 2020.

Sourcebook Description[]

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Designed for urban combat, the Daikani ("great crab") is lightly armed, fast, and well equipped to handle groups of soldiers, rebels, or rioters (Arasaka's favorites). Equipped with a Runabout system for high-speed urban travel, the Daikani may soon be sold as a metropolitan police vehicle; trial runs are said to be taking place in Detroit.
Special Equipment: 4 man-hours of life support, military radio, navigation system, infrared sensors, satellite Uplink, Shocker security system, searchlight, antipersonnel grenade charges, runabout system.
Weapons: 7.62mm Minigun (with 4,000 rounds of ammo) in top-mounted turret, four fixed-forward 6-shot 2" rocket pods.[1]



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