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The Arasaka Industrial Park is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.


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The Arasaka Industrial Park is a heavily guarded industrial area owned by the Arasaka Corporation in Night City. The Industrial Park is located in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. Within, the large warehouse stores everything from Arasaka's vehicles, weapons and uniforms to various other products utilized by the company.

In 2077, the warehouse held the various floats that were used in the Dashi Parade of Japantown. V infiltrates the Arasaka Industrial Park in order to get to the Arasaka Warehouse. Goro Takemura will create a distraction while they install malware onto Hanako's float.[1]

Database Entry

Arasaka Industrial Park

A maintenance-logistics facility in Night City belonging to Arasaka. It's not only one of the largest depots in town, but a highly-specialized, all-in-one engineering park and workshop. Ever seen an Atlus AV with an Arasaka logo on the armored hull? This is where such standard models arrive to be retrofitted with deadly upgrades. It only takes a few to simultaneously take off to wake up all of Arroyo. But for some time the district's inhabitants haven't been losing any sleep – the tightly secured facility is disconcertingly silent. Maybe it has something to do with a special transport...[2]




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