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The Arasaka Estate is a location in Cyberpunk 2077.[1]


The Arasaka Estate is a Mansion located in North Oak, Night City. The estate was constructed for the purpose of housing the Arasaka family while visiting the Arasaka Tower within the city. Located on top of North Oak, the estate is heavily guarded by Arasaka bodyguards and an Arasaka ACPA. Within the estate are AV landing pads as well as a large garden within the gated location. The Mansion is a modern Japanese design with classical Japanese furniture and art.

The inside contains a kitchen, living room, bathroom, office, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Just outside the Mansion is a Netrunner nest used to protection over the estate.


In the Devil Ending, the player will be instructed to rescue Hanako Arasaka, who has been held under strict protection by her brother Yorinobu. The player will be accompanied by Goro Takemura and Anders Hellman, or just by Hellman depending on the player's choices. V will be instructed to dispose of guards, killing or through stealth.

An iconic smart pistol can be found inside the office desk on the first floor of the mansion, the Genjiroh an iconic variant of the Arasaka HJKE-11 Yukimura.

A legendary cyberware mod can be found on the top of the mansion inside a crate within a bar, the Sandvistan: Arasaka Software.

In order for the player to get within the Arasaka Estate without going through the endgame mission, they can either go around the right wall and climb to the other side with the help of the some rocks positioned right next to the wall, or install leg cyberware modifications that allows them jump higher, then climb on top the bushes by the front gate in order to reach the top.



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