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Turned the siege of Chicago into a fiasco. Aras were bobbing up from behind cover on every street, pasting the Militech armored boys with these darn bombs. Neutralized a platoon of powered armor and half a company of main battle tanks. Utterly humiliating. I've heard that countermeasures are already being applied.


The Oriental martial arts advise turning your enemy's strengths into weaknesses. Arasaka has taken this to heart Militech's great strength lies in its heavy metal: tanks and powered armors in numbers too great for Arasaka to fight The answer was to strike at the enemy's pressure points, to tum the mass of armor from a barrier into a way to damage the foe.

The EMF launcher is little more than a normal antitank rocket launcher; the light is a normal one-shot LAW, while the heavy corresponds to the RPG. The only difference is that the shaped-charge warheads are replaced with special high-energy capacitors tipped with a "super-glue" bonding element The warhead sticks to the target and discharges polarized electricity into the targets armor, briefly magnetizing that armor and propagating the magnetic field into the vehicle's interior This field polarizes and damages computer chips and circuits inside the target rendering them useless. You don't have to blow up an enemy to neutralize him!

Game effects are as follows: If the target is hit by the round, roll damage location and penetration as normal. If over 10 points of "damage" get through the targets armor, the affected location will lose all electronics in that location (count the equipment as "destroyed," except it has no chance of exploding). ACPA's affected in this fashion lose the use of affected limbs and all equipment mounted there; if the torso is affected, the whole armored suit shuts down!

Important note: None of this damage is real! These rounds do NO SDP damage!! (If a live target is struck by one, though, count the hit as ID6 concussion for light rounds and 2D6 concussion for heavy rounds—and hope you're not magnetic! because if you are, the shock will shunt into you, doing the listed damage through your armor—ouchie.)

Militech is developing a countermeasure: Nonmagnetic paste laid over a mildly-charged copper grid covering the vehicle's exposed surfaces. This quite effectively diffuses the electromagnetic burst assuming the round doesn't bounce off in the first place. Of course, this coating can be ablated away by normal gunfire (10+ hits with a machinegun, auto grenade launcher, or autocannon will eat away a hole that gives an EMF launcher gunner a clear shot—count it as a called shot at a small target), and it doesn't cover everything (roll 1D10—on vehicles, a roll of 9-10 means rocket missed the protective coating. A roll of 7+ does the same when shooting at ACPA's).

The light launcher is a one-shot, the heavy launcher is reloadable (1000eb per round), and nonlaunchable, potato-masher hand grenades can bought for 500eb (act as Light launcher rounds for damage effects).[1]


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