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Arasaka "Pocket Tsunami" Grenade Launcher is a revolver-style grenade launcher. The term "pocket" grenade launcher is also misleading. This is a small and very mission-specific weapon, more similar to a pocket-battleship than to a pocket-knife. This weapon gives full-conversion cyborgs a devastating primary support weapon and ACPA an awesome "handgun". This is a massive six-shot revolver-type GL. There are two configurations. The Cyborg-Support configuration resembles an Arwen Riot GL, but is more stylized and streamlined. This configuration has a fixed forend grip and no stock. The ACPA "handgun from hell" configuration appears as a BIG sixgun. In six-gun configuration the WA is decreased to -2. ('Borg support gun BOD min=1), ACPA pistol BOD min=23!) Weapon weight 8kg, magazine weight 1 kg.[1]

Grenades Types and Damage:[]

These are high-pressure mini-grenades and cannot be used in the Militech Mini-GL.

Fragmentation : 3D6+ 1, 5M Radius, 15eb

HE : 5D6, 3M Radius, 15eb

HEP : 5D6, (1/2 SP, ARMOR REDUCED 2 LVLS, 1/2 DAM. STUN), 25eb

Incendiary : 4/3/2D6 OVER THREE TURNS, 2M Radius, 15eb[2]


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