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When most people think of Arasaka, the picture in their minds is that of the blackclad guards employed by so many corporations, businesses and powerful individuals throughout the world.

— Unknown, Corporation Report 2020 Volume 1

The Arasaka Corporation (Japanese: アラサカ社 or 荒坂社), is a world-wide megacorporation dealing in corporate security, banking, and manufacturing.[1] It is one of the most influential megacorporations in the world.[4] The company is also the largest distributor of Japanese-made merchandise throughout the American, European, and Asian markets. Arasaka-branded weapons and military vehicles are among the most sought after by police and security firms.[5] Over the years, it has developed a dark reputation as a corporation that is to be feared and one which covers its tracks using assassins, an army of lawyers, as well as an alleged connection to the Yakuza.[6][7]

The Arasaka Corporation maintains the largest and most powerful armed forces of any corporation in the world, with their guards renowned worldwide and feared by many. Most firms will look to licensing from Arasaka corporate security guards, couriers, or mercenaries to protect their assets. However, Arasaka assets take priority if they are at risk and the troops themselves are loyal to death to the Japanese conglomerate.[2]

Arasaka has made a habit of buying up other companies worldwide, and bleeding out the competition of other Japanese corporations. They also give a heavy amount of support to Japanese communities all over the globe, despite their business practices and overall history being considered unethical.[6]


1910s - 1950s

Arasaka Factory, 1920

Arasaka factory, Japan, 1920

The Arasaka Corporation was founded in 1915, by Sasai Arasaka in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The company originally was focused on manufacturing and took full advantage of World War II to forward their wealth and power by supplying the Imperial Army. However Sasai foresaw the defeat of Japan and worked to ensure his company and fortune would survive the war by spreading his wealth across the globe, out of the reach of the post-war leadership. Soon enough the Japanese surrendered and the country was in ruin, with most cities destroyed by the constant bombings (with the exception of Kyoto).[4]

On August 15th, 1945, the Emperor broadcast the edict of surrender and renounced his divinity. Saburo Arasaka, a former lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Navy and son of Sasai, was thunderstruck. He was on the verge of seppuku in the compound's cherry tree grove of the hospital when he had a moment of epiphany and a vision. Right at that moment, Saburo saw the wisdom of his father's actions. As family scion, that fortune would soon be his to control, a fortune that, if wielded correctly, would permit a clever man to push Japan back towards a position of power from which it could dominate the world politically and economically. The children of Amaterasu would prevail, if not under the Emperor, then under another deity: commerce. Saburo drew the half inch of dagger that had penetrated his abdominal muscles before the vision had stayed his hand and returned to the household. That same night, he began to study politics, economics, and history, which continued until his father's death.

Although Japan's economy and industry were in ruins, Saburo studied all matters of business, economics, and politics while attending Todai. This was to ensure he had the skills necessary to accomplish his goals. Sasai had capitalized on wartime industry, but against Saburo's impassioned urging, he had made sure that the bulk of the Arasaka fortune was covertly protected in concealed overseas assets and accounts.[6]

1960 - 1997

Arasaka board1960

Saburo Arasaka and board members, in Arasaka Tokyo office, Japan, 1960

In 1960 Sasai Arasaka died and the 41 year old Saburo stepped into his late father's shoes as the head of the Arasaka Corporation. At the time Arasaka was still a relatively small company, having just reestablished itself in international commerce. Before his death, Saburo's father had been slowly retrieving the capital and resources kept secret during the war and after he died, Saburo himself continued the task.

In 1970 Saburo created the Arasaka Security division of the Arasaka Corporation. The new division specialized in high quality personal and corporate manpower, electronic, and computer security and protection.[6] Slowly, over 25 years, Arasaka Security developed a sterling reputation as the most potent company of its type in the world. In 1990, Arasaka emerged on the global 500 list and by the mid 1990s, Arasaka guards were employed by thousands of powerful individuals and corporations around the world and Arasaka intrusion countermeasures and computer security experts were retained by many others. It wasn't long thereafter that the Security division was one of Arasaka's three most powerful holdings, equaled only by the Arasaka Bank and Arasaka Manufacturing.

Saburo's dedication to his study enabled him to foresee the world market collapse of 1994 and the US collapse of 1996. Saburo was able to take the appropriate steps, and through his shrewd manipulation and investments, make the Arasaka Corporation one of the few commercial institutions to profit from the crash. Arasaka was big before the crash, but in the period afterwards it assumed gigantic stature, becoming one of the largest Megacorporations in the world, now ranking at number two on the global 500 list.

At some point in the 1990s, the Arasaka European Group constructed their European headquarters in Paris, France.[4]

In 1997 Arasaka Security moved into paramilitary contracting and began training one of the world's first corporate armies at the corporation's guard and agent schooling facility in the forbidden northern wastes of Hokkaido. An age of ruthlessness followed, with Arasaka destroying or absorbing as much of its competition as it could and buying out any non-competitive companies that Saburo thought would make a good asset.

Arasaka's control over the government of Japan was becoming problematic in the late 1990s. Saburo was close to having complete control with 60% of Japan's National Diet being Arasaka-bought politicians. However, due to growing fear amongst other Japanese corporations about Arasaka's government takeover attempt, a group was formed by large and small Japanese corporations that united under FACS (Far Asian Co-prosperity Sphere) banner. This countered Saburo's control of the government and many politicians were arrested. FACS would continue to undermine Arasaka's plans in the coming decades.[4]

1997 - 2020

Arasaka factory2000

Arasaka factory, 2000

The years from 1997 to 2020, however, had seen the Arasaka Corporation continue to diversify and strengthen. Its major functional arms were still the Arasaka Bank, Manufacturing, and Security groups. Although the corporation was astoundingly wealthy and powerful, and Saburo one of the wealthiest men in the world, he had not forgotten his original goal. During this time Saburo stepped down as CEO and, in his place, his son Kei Arasaka became the nominal head of the Arasaka Corporation. However all major decisions and policies were still subject to Saburo's discretion. Saburo had groomed his son for eventual complete control, and the realization of his personal goals.[6]

During the early 2000s, Arasaka contracted major bodyguard services to Slovakia. Though while not having much political power as other Japanese or Korean corporations within the nation, Arasaka still maintained subsidiaries producing articles for the European market.[8]

In 2008, the Taiwanese Government hired Arasaka to plan out their defense force in fear of a Chinese invasion. Taiwan managed anti-ship, plane, and missile defenses on the Kinmen and Matsu islands, and Hsinchu, Chanhua, as well as Anping. These islands all contained contracted Arasaka troops for constant hourly monitoring of the Communist and Chinese sponsored Militech.[9]

In 2010, Arasaka alongside WNS, EBM, and WorldSat, as well as Triad forces, repelled the invasion of the MLC on Hong Kong. After three years, they were successful in repelling the invasion of Hong Kong, and all four corporations took control of sections of the city.[4] Arasaka secured Chai Wan and Shau Kei Wan, with corporate housing on the mid-levels of the peak and offices on the Bay. They also had their new regional office constructed on the new set of land.[9]

In 2013, Arasaka America faced major terrorist attacks on its headquarters in Night City. A rockerboy named Johnny Silverhand led a riot at the base of the Tower and managed to murder multiple Arasaka employees as well as the CEO of the American branch, Toshiro.

During this time, Arasaka partnered with Sony Corporation in co-producing the Medusa 2000. The weapon gave the user direct interface to a powerful multi-medium zoom lens with image enhancers, telescopic, macro-zoom abilities, anti-dazzle, UV, and thermograph sensors. Any data filmed was stored into data chips or directly into a neural processor storage bank.

In 2020, Arasaka secured a political seat in the government of Portugal. The controlling cooperative alliance had broken in two factions. The cooperative party (The Consensual Progress Party) had two candidates to the presidency, each of them supported by three of the controlling corps (Iberian Agrolndustrial, Amazonian Security, and WNS against Merchant, Arasaka, and Oliveira-Leisure). Tensions between Amazonian Security and Arasaka had risen in attempts to restore harmony and a stable economic growth to the country.[8]

Sometime during 2020, an Arasaka Cargo Submarine and its crew including Captain Hyung Mitsumoto sunk in the North Pacific. This led to the acquisition of IDA (International Defense Alliance), an independent organization that was then put under the Arasaka subsidiary, Sato Commercial Shipping. A covert IDA team was dispatched to the Bonin trench to bring the sub to the surface.

Fourth Corporate War (2022-2025)

Main article: Fourth Corporate War

In 2021 an oceanic corporation known as Internationale Handelsmarine Aktiengesellschaft, IHAG, announced bankruptcy. Both CINO and OTEC were looking to acquire the stock in the corporation, but each company was too closely matched in buying power for either to get an edge. So they decided to whittle down their opponent's resources and sabotage their attempts at stock acquisition.[5] However, this proved ineffective by itself so the Aquacorp of CINO hired on Arasaka, while OTEC hired Militech. Being the two largest paramilitary corporations in the world, both Arasaka and Militech had been rivaling for many years on different contractors. Arasaka saw this as an opportunity to then whittle Militech's resources.

During this time Saburo Arasaka soon came to consider Donald Lundee a real threat, someone who threatened his goal for the Arasaka Corporation. In 2022, Kei Arasaka was responsible for a great deal of the daily operations and important decisions during the IHAG mess. While he viewed the fight like any other business operation, and would never take it personally, in aligntment with Arasaka tradition he intended to stop at nothing to make sure his side was victorious and would never step down from a direct offense to Arasaka. Kei also had full control over his father's corporation as, during this time, Saburo was in seclusion for security reasons for the duration of the conflict. However, he knew the war wasn't going to end well and began to work directly with General Ubo Tanaka, readying himself to sacrifice major assets in order to win. The only thing left was his contingency plans that he hoped would save the zaibatsu if the worst occurred and Arasaka lost.

The end of the war for the company saw the death of Kei Arasaka and the destruction of the Arasaka Towers in Night City in 2023, as it was destroyed with a mini-nuke by a Militech operative team. President Kress blamed the Night City bombing on Arasaka, despite the fault lying with Militech, and further demonized Arasaka for her own interests. Arasaka's charters to operate in the United States were immediately revoked, its members and board declared terrorists, and its assets either seized or driven off-shore. Arasaka's participation in the Fourth Corporate War almost led to Japanese government breakdown. By repudiating Arasaka after the official end of the war in 2025, Japan's national face was saved and Arasaka was reduced to a Japan-only corporation for the next decade.[2]

2040 - 2076

ArasakaWaterfront Database CP2077

Arasaka Waterfront, 2076

Even after the defeat in the Fourth Corporate War, Arasaka maintained one of the largest armed forces of any other corporation. The corporation had most of its operations limited to Japan and heavily reduced. Despite the situation, Arasaka still managed to hold onto a majority of their assets.[2] By 2040, the Arasaka Corporation rebuilt itself and was slowly gaining back much of its prior strength. The corporation was also attempting to amend its relations with the NUSA and being welcomed back to continue its operations. Arasaka still had small operations in select parts of the NUSA but nothing official. Arasaka still covertly licensed their troops to other firms worldwide but they would have to use the uniforms of their new "employers." The Arasaka Corporation's goal had also not changed: they wanted to return to the political and economic height it held in the 2020s.[2]

Arasaka may have been under the nominal control of Saburo Arasaka, but for many years there stood factions vying for dominance. As of 2045, there were three major factions struggling to come out on top. Each one hoping their family patriarch, Saburo, would eventually hand the reigns over to them. The Arasaka Factions of 2045 were as follows:

  • The Kiji 雉 (Green Pheasant) Faction: As led by Hanako, this faction was essentially a continuation of the mainline. But as Hanako was something of a recluse, she was more interested in her Netrunning experiments than in gathering power. This group, with Hanako at its center, consists primarily of conservative technocrats who wish to follow the course set by Saburo Arasaka himself. In his daughter, Hanako, they see a guiding force to maintain the old order and stability within the corporation.
  • The Taka 鷹 (Hawk) Faction: As led by Yorinobu, Saburo's second son. This faction, headed by Yorinobu, often prefers to take the most direct and uncompromising solutions. Both stubborn and temperamental, he resembles Saburo which has given him wide support among the more militant-minded Arasaka Corp., elite. However, his more pro-Western inclinations and ideas that are innovative as they are controversial have weakened his support for the Board's loyal traditionalists.
  • Hato 鳩 (Dove) Faction: Centered on Michiko Arasaka, Kei's only daughter and Saburo's granddaughter. This was the liberal wing of the corporation unified those who sought deeper reforms. However while out of the three Hato held little influence, they still enjoyed the growing support of popularity among some politicians and media personalities.

Several smaller factions also existed within the corporation but they did not hold as much power as the main three: Kiji, Taka, and Hato. Arasaka's world influence was still present as it remained at the top after the rebuild era.

In 2067, the Emperor of Japan was saved after an attempted assassination by an Arasaka bodyguard who intercepted the assassin's bullet.

In 2068, Arasaka collaborated with the Yaiba Corporation and designed the fastest and most expensive motorcycle on the market, the Kusanagi CT-3X. The Kusanagi became a favorite among gangers, bosozokus, and celebrities around the world.[3]

During the Unification War, 2069 to 2070, between the NUSA and the Free States, Arasaka supported Night City, regaining its favor and eventually returning to the city in 2070 at the request of then-city councilman Lucius Rhyne.[5] Arasaka arrived in Coronado Bay with their super carrier as the NUSA troops were ready for the invasion of the city, the troops were ordered to retreat in fear of the already unstable NUSA collapsing due to another conflict. The Arasaka Corporation was once again welcomed into the Americas as they rebuilt their American headquarters in Night City.[10] Arasaka now after reclaiming much of its former strength, had fully reclaimed its position in Night City.[11] They started with establishing the Arasaka Waterfront, bringing down its competition in the area. Arasaka razed the crumbling structures of old Watson, a vast walled complex defended by guards and automated turrets. These became container warehouses, hangars, and autonomous assembly lines. The goal was to get a successful port and supply chain for the city and the Free States.

In the early 2070s, a bioengineer named Anders Hellman was appointed the director of the Relic Project. Using the Soulkiller's source code, Hellman created a new piece of technology that was capable of communicating with personality constructs. Because of his continued work, loyalty, and personal relationship with the Arasaka family - Saburo considered offering him a position of Director of the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

In 2071, the Arasaka security forces prevented mass riots across San Francisco, managing to quell the conflict.

In 2074, in Brazil, an Arasaka investigation destroyed a terrorist cell that was taking place in Rio de Janeiro. The Arasaka soldiers executed all terrorists responsible and ended a series of attacks the country had been facing.

In 2076, the Arasaka counterintelligence department managed to secure a corporate summit in Jakarta, Indonesia, stopping 45 plots to attack and sabotage the summit.[3]


Look out, choom! Spoilers from Cyberpunk 2077 to follow!
Yorinobu PC 2077p1

Yorinobu Arasaka Press Conference, 2077

In 2077, a Militech operatives team discovered that Arasaka had been hiding the fact that they had a mass driver on the Moon. The ESA was the only organization allowed to operate and own mass drivers, an edge they wanted to keep, because of this Militech tipped off the ESA council in order to effect Arasaka. The ESA called an intimidate meeting to reexamine Arasaka's license in space affairs. The ones responsible for the mistake were Arasaka America, of the Night City operatives branch, many employees feared Japan's response. In an attempt to cover their tracks Arthur Jenkins ordered to a flatline of members of the council, a move that, among other decisions, cost him his life.[3]

In Japan, Arasaka engineers successfully conducted ballistic missile tests on Yakushima. The new electromagnetic missile was to combat the growing terrorist threat as well as other rogue elements that threaten public safety. Rumors also circulated of Arasaka developing new line of reflex boosters that would last twice as long as the current models on the market. The corporation was also looking for willing participates for the experiments.

During a shareholders report, it was announced by the board of directors that Lasombra, Arasaka HQ in Mexico, increased shareholder voting power by 1.5%.

In Night City, Arasaka was voted the number #1 Megacorporation to work for. The Japanese zaibatsu juggernaut would give employees the latest in cyberware technology with a loyalty obligation of only 20 years.[12]

In Tokyo, Arasaka introduced a revolutionary new line of premium biochip called the Relic, which was advertised as a means for buyers to preserve a copy of their personalities for future generations to interact with. It was first reported by Nippon Daily, not long after Arasaka officially confirmed it. The revolutionary new tech was said to be very expensive and would be a service exculsively the 1% who could be able to afford it, this meant that the product would not be made available to the general public within the foreseeable future.

Arasaka had announced it had signed a cooperation agreement with Night City University, offering its professors and students Arasaka Ozukumi Sx cognitive implants on loan at a 20% discounted rate.

Saburo continued serving as Arasaka's CEO up until his death, when he was murdered by Yorinobu. The death of the CEO was covered up and attributed to poisoning, while Yorinobu consolidated the corporation's support and became the new CEO. Some within the corporation viewed Yorinobu's sudden ascension with suspicion, and considered backing Hanako.[3]

Yorinobu made controversial decisions within the company such as selling assets of facilities in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. The Arasaka Corporation's stock jump up by 3% after the decision was made. Arasaka sponsored the Dashi Parade a classical Japanese festival within Japantown, Night City. The parade would also became the festival in remembering of Saburo Arasaka, one that Hanako would attend prior to the news of her fathers passing. During this time tensions were rising between Arasaka and Militech, corporate sabotage could be what was possibly leading to another Corporate War between the two corporations.

After successfully rescuing his sister Hanako, Yorinobu called an emergency meeting the Arasaka supervisor board in Night City. Top executives from Tokyo, as well as branch directors from Paris, Shanghai, and Kinshasa all to meet in the Arasaka Tower of the American Division headquarters. Yorinobu had a plan for a military coup that would give him and those loyal to his faction complete control of Arasaka Corporation for his plan of sabotage.

If V took Hanako's offer in Nocturne Op55N1:

Hanako Arasaka enlisted the help of a local mercenary named V, the Relic project director Anders Hellman, her personal bodyguard Sandayu Oda and Saburo's ex-personal bodyguard Goro Takemura to confront the board of directors of the Arasaka with the evidence of Saburo's murder. Upon arrival in the Arasaka America HQ, Hanako and V visited Mikoshi to speak with Saburo, who's mind was copied as an engram. After a brief discussion of the current events Hanako brought the engram of her father to where they met with Oda and Takemura before seeing the board. Hanako introduced V as a witness to Saburo's murder, and revealed the truth of Yorinobu. The board as well as Michiko Arasaka were in disbelief, until Hanako showed the engram of Saburo, who scolded the board of their cowardice.[3]
Before any decisions were made, Yorinobu's plan of a military coup went into effect his loyal faction soldiers broke into the room, murdering the board members except Hanako and Michiko. Around the world the military coup was also in effect, cities of Kyoto, Dubai, Paris, and various other locations fought to secure Arasaka under the Taka Faction. Hanako was prepared to take back the Tower in Night City with her loyal soldiers led by Takemura, who were eventually successful and took control of the situation in Night City. Yorinobu and his forces lost as he accepted defeat, he was convinced by his sister to restore honor to the Arasaka family by allowing their father to take over his body using the Relic technology.[3]
After the attempted coup, Saburo Arasaka reappeared to the world in the body of of his son, Yorinobu, and promised to fix the problems that his son started. The Arasaka Corporation made peace with Militech, as the two worked towards a lasting peace. The Arasaka also signed deals with President Meyers to remain as allies.
The Arasaka Relic project proved a success despite protest across the world, the corporation remained a major power. However many people were not happy on the manner of Saburo's return. Protesters against the Relic program included many people as well as religious organizations who saw the project as inhuman and disturbing. Many people also believed this would lead to the rich elite living forever as the rest would suffer.[3]

If V asked Panam for help in Nocturne Op55N1:

Yorinobu was successful in taking control of Arasaka through a military coup, the corporation was now under control of the Taka Faction. However during this time the Aldecaldos nomad clan, led by Panam Palmer and Saul Bright, invaded the Arasaka Tower in Night City. The assault led to the complete destruction of Mikoshi, resulting in the Relic project folding as the corporation reported major loses in the funding of the project. Before returning to the Arasaka Tower in Tokyo, Yorinobu confirmed to the public that his sister, Hanako Arasaka, was among one of the victims of this assault and that he would find those responsible. The Arasaka Corporation lost much political power as well as major assets as they tried to reorganize after the coup. The Arasaka Corporation's future remained unclear.[3]

If V let's Johnny go with Rogue or does the suicide run in Nocturne Op55N1:

Yorinobu was successful in taking control of Arasaka through a military coup; the corporation was now under the control of the Taka Faction. However during this time an assault was conducted on Arasaka Tower in Night City. The assault led to the complete destruction of Mikoshi, which folded the Relic project as the corporation reported major losses in funding. Yorinobu returned to Arasaka Tower in Tokyo, and Hanako Arasaka made a statement that she was stepping back from the public eye to take time grieving for the loss of her father. Arasaka lost major assets as they tried to reorganize after the coup, resulting in a loss of political influence. The Arasaka Corporation's future remained unclear.

Main Intent & Services

Security Division

The Arasaka Corporation is a highly diversified corporation, however only one of its branches is much more ubiquitously visible than the others, especially in the EEC and NUSA: the Arasaka Security division. Arasaka is famous for their black clad guards that are employed by many of the powerful people and corporations in the world. Even if the guards are not present, the Arasaka logo appears prominently on many weapons, computers, and other security equipment routinely used by the security teams of many organizations and companies. Arasaka is the world's most obvious force for private and corporate security contracting. It is common knowledge that the Arasaka Security is the best way to protect a person's assets or themselves, Arasaka contracts and rents its security services in various ways.[13]

Arasaka is not the only company that offers this service, but it is the largest and most reputable. Arasaka's security personnel are known to be the best trained and best equipped then any other service. They are not cheap, but the investment is generally considered profitable. Arasaka can provide groups of one to one thousand agents per contract. The service is twenty-four hours a day, and the guards can be accommodated, at the discretion of the contractors, privately, on site or in the local offices of Arasaka. All Arasaka guards are fully trained in security procedures, equipment handling, and urban combat, armed and unarmed, at close range. Depending on how much the contractor wants to pay for each guard, there are various levels of weaponry and specialization available, from unarmed counter guards to fully armed and armored rapid response combat gear.

There are a number of options available on any manpower contracting at varying expense. The client can order all-male or all-female guards, or a specific ratio of sexes, or as Arasaka contracts its services around the world, clients can order guards fluent in Japanese, German, Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean and French. All guards are required to be conversant, although not fluent, in Japanese and English. Bilingual guards are also always available. Guards specializing in heavy weapons, unarmed combat, and specialized terrain are available for contracts that call for varied situations. Different levels of security force concealment can also be ordered, from completely discreet and invisible to ostentatiously threatening. If the security forces are visible, clients can choose to have them be unidentified or clearly identified as Arasaka Troops. Only in rare circumstances, such as when a little misdirection is called for, will Arasaka troops actually wear the uniform or logo of the contracting corporation, or a third party. Arasaka also contracts out its paramilitary forces for one shot operations, such as extractions. This type of contract can be extremely costly, due to the loss of expensive men and equipment.

Another type of protection that Arasaka provides is personal security in the form of bodyguards, escort teams and household security. The service is expensive, but popular among celebrities, wealthy businessmen, and the politicians of several nations who no longer trust their respective Secret Service agencies. As with corporate guards, there are several options, including gender, number of guards, dress style, age, visibility, race, nationality, level of armament, training and services performed. It is considered very chic in some circles to have one good looking, full-time Arasaka bodyguard of the opposite gender on one's payroll. These single bodyguards usually work solo or manage other non-Arasaka personnel retained by their client.

In addition to supplying trained men and women to corporations, groups and individuals, Arasaka also leases and sells the security equipment that it manufactures. Typical items include cameras, perimeter detection and surveillance equipment, computerized security offices and networks, fire extinguishing systems, security turrets, robotic personnel, and computerized personnel access systems. Also available are more exotic items such as weapons and bomb detecting equipment, booby traps and other "lethal deterrence systems". Computer security is another product available from Arasaka. Proprietary Arasaka ICE systems, white and black, are also available for installation into client's computer systems. Arasaka will train non-Arasaka personnel in the operations of all of the security systems that it sells, but it's more typical for clients to buy a package that includes both the equipment and Arasaka-trained people to run it.

The last type of personnel that Arasaka contracts out are security consultants. If someone wants good security run by inhouse people, but lacks the expertise, an option to hire a team of Arasaka Security Consultants to inspect facilities, and do an analysis of the capabilities of potential enemies. The consultants will use that information to make a recommendation on the type and strength of the security forces someone should maintain, and the kinds of equipment and countermeasures needed to install. Consultants will operate on any scale, from personal bodyguarding to worldwide corporate protection.

Police Services

A sub-division of its Security Division, Arasaka runs an extensive police contracting service. Police services are similar in many respects to security services, but the personnel receive slightly different training and equipment. The clients are cities and counties rather than corporations. As they are required to work with the public, Arasaka police officers are much more prone to have good interpersonal skills than their dour counterparts who work in private security. Most weapons and equipment are the same, but Arasaka managed police departments will have police-fitted cars and vans at their disposal and, for most situations, will be more inclined to use these than the heavy riot vehicles favored by the security departments.

Arasaka police, much like any corporate police, are required to work within the limits of civil and federal laws with regards to police procedures and ethics. Of course, as is always the case with corporate operations, they are more likely to circumvent these standards for convenience than public police departments. Countless towns, counties, arcologies, and cities around the world rely on private police forces. Among those serviced by Arasaka are San Diego, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Honolulu, Bucharest (Romania), Belfast (Ireland), and Singapore; as well as several major Japanese cities including Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Yokohama, and Sapporo. Tokyo, interestingly enough, is still using a public police department despite Arasaka pressure.

Arasaka, however, does not always require payment for maintaining a police force in a city. Arasaka may take non-monetary compensation, including a hand in local policy making, land and real estate, or shipping and free port rights, or it may reap other advantages such as complete police and security control of an area near sensitive corporate facilities or an advantage over competitors who have offices in the same area. Examples of this can be seen in the Arasaka factories in Yokohama, which are protected by Arasaka Security and a municipal police force run by Arasaka.

Weapons Manufacturing

The weapons manufacturing division of Arasaka was the original intent of the company when it was founded by Sasai Arasaka in 1915. During the 1930s and 1940s the company took full advantage of the war and was heavily involved in the heavy industry side of things, manufacturing ships and planes for the Imperial Japanese Navy. After the defeat of Japan in 1945, the post war industrial sector was in shambles and it was only till Saburo took over in the 1960s the industrial manufacturing division picked back up. The corporation kept its Heavy Industry sector while also moving into manufacturing equipment for its own forces which fit into categories; light arms, computers, armor and small vehicles.

Within the the Greater Tokyo Meropolitan area, Arasaka has one of its largest manufacturing facilities located in Yokohama, used to supply their force with weapons. Arasaka produces all of the infantry weapons used by its troops and by its clients. In 2022 they began producing heavy weapons and exotics. Most of Arasaka's weapons production runs to small arms, tasers, EMP guns, automated guns, smart guns, melee katanas/tantos, and anti-personnel mines. They also manufacture a line of body armor and an assortment of very popular vehicles. Although their weapon sales are nowhere near that of the Militech Corporation, Arasaka's sales are brisk and their weapons are some of the most sought after from governments and corporations alike.

Arasaka Manufacturing advertises in a fashion similar to the security arm: in periodicals and information nets tailored to specific target clienteles. Weapons systems are promoted in police periodicals and military journals and security equipment is advertised in electronics magazines, corporate journals, and publications serving wealthy individuals. As with the security services, multi-media presentations and chips are available detailing the advantages of all Arasaka manufactured systems. No sensitive or proprietary information is included with the presentations or chips.

Arasaka doesn't usually interfere with the individual marketing tactics of its smaller subsidiary companies, but it does monitor promotions and advertising campaigns to make sure that they fall within the broad guidelines established by the corporation.

Cyberware Manufacturing

The Arasaka Corporation has a large line up of cyberware products that can be bought worldwide. Arasaka is one of the largest manufacturers of cyberware, and have a variety of lethal cyberware more common with Solos and mercs as well as non-lethal cyberware that can be seen on everyday citizens worldwide. Arasaka branded cyberware is frequently seen with millions of people opting to the efficiency and reliablity of the Japanese manufacturing giant. Johnny Silverhand, legendary rockerboy and terrorist, signature cyberarm was a product of Arasaka. Other very common products of cyberware are items such as the Mantis Blades or Gorilla Arms. Arasaka also deals in leg cyberware allowing users to replace the entire bottom half of their body. Full body conversions are all along the Arasaka cyberware services, one of their more famous customers Adam Smasher takes advantage of this division. Netrunner gear is also a specialty of the corporation with a variety of products commonly found in the market.

General Manufacturing

After the 1994 collapse, Arasaka set its sights on general manufacturing, buying out many smaller companies and their excess raw materials at a fraction of the cost. These failing business were turned around and became incredibly profitable for Arasaka, producing items from Airliners, to medical equipment and even children's toys. While part of Arasaka itself, they retained their original names and brands to not be associated with the more corporate and militaristic image of Arasaka. Arasaka General Manufacturing produces a host of consumer goods from spaceplanes, four different automobiles, pharmaceuticals, various lines of clothing, computer video games, prepackaged meals, phones, and office equipment.


The last core section and pillar of the Arasaka Corporation is the Arasaka Bank. The Bank is not widely visible to the public because it tends to deal exclusively with corporate and business accounts. The Arasaka Bank was established by Saburo, with help from his government contacts, in order to exploit the Japanese economic growth boom that he was predicting for the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The bank used a portion of the sizable Arasaka fortune in order to establish a capital base. Then, starting small and working up, it began taking corporate accounts, and, under the genius of Saburo's guidance, making high quality loans and investments with corporations destined for growth and expansion.

Under Saburo's expert touch, the Bank has turned a steady profit since its inception. Saburo's choice of loans and investments allowed the bank to remain on an even footing, even during the early nineties when several Japanese financial institutions were on shaky ground. There was a tight period during and after the '94 crash when several supposedly choice loans and investments went bad, but a little foresight enabled the Arasaka Bank to survive with minimal financial damage while many other institutions went bankrupt. Adroit management in the post-crash market kept the Bank turning a profit through those tough years.

The Arasaka Bank continues to do good business. Saburo was one of the first people to invest heavily in the cybernetic and Net related industries, and the returns from those transactions have padded the Arasaka accounts quite well. The Bank continues to deal primarily with corporate accounts, loans and investments, but it does handle some personal accounts, including those of the Arasaka family and several wealthy businessmen, celebrities and politicians from around the world. So far, business shows no sign of slacking.

Uniforms & Personnel

The Arasaka Corporation has definitive rules and policies guiding corporate dress, uniforms and equipment. There is little freedom for variation except in the uppermost echelons of the corporation, and amongst bodyguards and undercover operatives. Employees of subsidiaries owned by Arasaka but not bearing the Arasaka name are not required to conform to the same standards as employees of Arasaka itself. Except for the family compound, where all the security is personally chosen by Saburo Arasaka such as: Shintaro Takayama, Katsuo Iwashima, or Goro Takemura. Arasaka guards, soldiers, and agents can be any race, nationality, or gender.


For corporate executives and staff the watchword is conservative. Expensive is permissible, but ostentatious is frowned upon. Arasaka defers to the styles of the times, but only within the borders of what the home office considers tasteful. Men and women may wear suits and ties, preferably with dark colors. Women may wear skirts and dresses, but sexually provocative attire is tolerated only in the lowest echelons of the corporation, and then only to a certain extent. There are exceptions for special circumstances. Corporate officers, both male and female, are expected to dress in a manner befitting their position. Although it is not required, most executives wear a silver Arasaka logo pin on the left lapel, and those executives who used to be soldiers wear a silver chrysanthemum pin with the Arasaka logo superimposed. Most visible cyberware is considered acceptable unless it covers the face.

All white collar Arasaka employees receive an Arasaka company account Trauma Team card as part of their benefits. When off the job and away from company infirmaries they are required to keep this card on them at all times. Arasaka also manufactures its own portable computers and weapons, and it is considered poor taste to use non-Arasaka equipment when company-made products are available.

Corporate Security Guards

Guards are the most visible manifestation of the Arasaka Corporation. Consequently, Arasaka usually makes sure that their guards are immediately recognizable. Guard uniforms and equipment vary depending on the assignment, but the typical non-undercover Arasaka guard wears the black uniform considered so ubiquitous in the corporate world. This consists of black boots and gloves, a black jumpsuit, a black armor vest and a black cap with the Arasaka logo in silver. The guard's rank appears on the left arm and right collar wing, and the Arasaka logo on the right arm and left collar wing.

Corporate Soldiers

The basic uniform for the Arasaka soldier is similar to the guard outfit, but soldiers wear their names on their uniform breasts and have a chrysanthemum logo above their rank markings. In combat, soldiers also wear more extensive body armor than the standard guards, including visor helmets, armor on the torso and arms, and special trousers. All Arasaka soldiers are promoted from the guards.


Arasaka bodyguards either dress in black or white suits, however if the client requires it they can carry whatever equipment the client is willing to provide or lease from Arasaka. This leads to tremendous variation as Arasaka provides bodyguard services for all sorts, from heads of state to rock stars. Almost all Arasaka bodyguards, male and female, are distinguished ex-soldiers.

Special Agents

Arasaka special agents can requisition whatever uniforms, resources and equipment they deem necessary to accomplish their mission. This equipment is usually not traceable to Arasaka. Arasaka maintains a large stock of weapons and equipment manufactured by other companies and purchased by dummy organizations for use by special agents and strike teams in black operations. As with bodyguards, most special agents are former soldiers who have distinguished themselves and been promoted and retrained.

Service Employees

Arasaka service employees use a uniform consisting of a baggy white jumpsuit and cap with white accessories. This is the same for all types of service employees. The only way one can tell the difference between maintenance, custodial, messenger and other service level employees is by the color and shape of the logos on their shoulders and caps, their I.D. badges, and the equipment they carry. In Japanese office buildings service employees show deference by bowing in the presence of executives. Failure to comply with this protocol can result in dismissal. This rule is not applied in Arasaka offices outside of Japan.

Market Strategy

The Arasaka Corporation functions as any corporation would, despite the origninal intent of Saburo Arasaka or any Arasaka family members. In order to do this it has to consistently sell its services to the professional community. All of Arasaka's advertising is designed and managed in-house by special departments, tailored to individual nations and regions, and run from offices in the towers. The Tokyo office handles international advertising and public relations. The Arasaka Corporation sponsors a variety of events, festivals, companies, brandances, anime, media personal, stores, hotels, and many more. There are more discreet tactics for marketing the three core branches of the corporation.

Arasaka Security

Arasaka's most profitable and widespread division is its Security branch. The Security branch was also Saburo Arasaka's most functional tool. Consequently, most marketing effort is concentrated upon the sale of security services and contracts. The key factor in the Marketing of those security services is Arasaka's continuing reputation for excellence.

Arasaka Bank

Arasaka Bank is advertised only within corporate publications. Their services are exclusive enough to not require extensive publicity. Information on financial services can only be obtained by appointment with the corporation and no information open to the public. Generally, the Arasaka Bank directly contacts the people and organizations with which it wants to do business.

Arasaka Manufactures

Arasaka Manufactures is advertised in a manner similar to the security branch: in publications and information networks suitable for the specific customers desired. Weapons systems are advertised in police publications and in the military press and the security team is advertised in electronic journals, corporate journals, and publications aimed at wealthy people. Like security services, multimedia presentations and chips are available detailing the advantages of equipment manufactured by Arasaka. No sensitive or restricted information is included in them.

Resources & Capital

Arasaka is one of the largest and richest corporations in the world. Its various holdings and properties span the globe. The board of directors has access to funds and resources that make those in many small countries pale. Matched with these resources is power in its most impressive form. Arasaka, like all corporations, is one of the few organizations capable of imposing its will on the world, filling the void left by the collapsed national governments.

Corporate Value

The total value of Arasaka's properties in 2020 was roughly ¥9.5 Trillion, €$475 Billion. Together with two or three other large corporations, Arasaka is approaching the barrier of half a billion Eb. Of those €$475 billion, €$175 billion is from Arasaka Bank. Most of the bank's assets consist of corporate and government debt for loans. €$200 billion represent the value, accounts and liquid and solid assets of the security and manufacturing branches. The remaining €$100 billion represent the value of Arasaka-owned subsidiary corporations, secret fund reserves and the personal fortune of 10,000 million euros from Saburo Arasaka and the family. By 2077, the corporation doubled its value to €$890 Billion across all its total properties.

Action Taken

Arasaka is a public corporation and has 560 million shares of common capital on the World Stock Exchange. Actually, the Arasaka family controls 54% of the company's titles. Another 15% is held by the board of directors located in Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, and Kinshasa. The board is made up of Saburo's nineteen most trusted allies (Kei had held the twentieth seat in 2020, but was replaced with Hanako). Saburo, as the main shareholder, is the chairman of the board. Hanako Arasaka is also a nominal shareholder.

The remaining 31% of Arasaka's shares are traded openly in the market. Arasaka's shares are consistently strong and are considered a reliable investment. The value has fluctuated between 100 and 140 euros in the world stock market. Since 31% is an important part of capital, the corporation carefully monitors large acquisitions. If someone who does not like Arasaka seems to be trying to amass a portfolio of shares large enough to reach a position of power on the board, a black operations team is sent to "retire" the suspect. Sometimes a wealthy person or other corporation manages to amass enough actions to exercise considerable power in the voting of Arasaka shareholders and sometimes these people vote against the board. This is tolerated for reasons of image. However, when these shareholders become too noisy in the voting, and protest the exclusivity of the board and its goals, they are "convinced" by a black operations team to deviate from Arasaka's interests.

Material Resources

Arasaka, not counting its subsidiaries, owns 250 Osprey V-type aircraft and more than 250 AV-4. A quarter of each type of these vehicles is used by the corporate offices. Three quarters belong to the Arasaka guards and the military forces. Naturally there are some exchanges, but military versions usually have combat options and camouflage schemes and are less luxurious than their corporate counterparts. The corporation also owns twenty C-25 heavy cargo planes, which can carry skydivers, heavy equipment and cross intercontinental distances. Arasaka-owned airplanes include several small executive reactors and helicopters. They are unarmed, but they are fast and luxurious. The reactors have intercontinental capacity, strictly local helicopters.

The air transport capacity provided by the C-25s is complemented by the three Arasaka container ships. Sato Commercial Shipping, a subsidiary of Yokohama, owns other large ships, such as container ships, cisterns and submarine freighters. This gives Arasaka a considerable capacity for maritime displacement.

The military forces and the Arasaka guards possess a certain number of vehicles produced in house. More than 2,000 Riot 8 and Combat 10 are in use worldwide, and countless thousands of Kumas and modified Lexus cars. Another 2,500 of each of the combat vehicles are distributed throughout the warehouses of Japan, Europe and America. These units await to be sent to customers but can be activated for combat in a short period of time. Arasaka uses non-Arasaka manufactured vehicles from many other corporations such as Zetatech, Militech, Chevillon, Villefort, and Rayfield.

In addition to all this usual material, Arasaka has a reserve of other equipment too diverse and numerous to catalog. Various heavy military weapons, light weapons and equipment, specialized airplanes and land vehicles, ship fleets, including the supercarrier Kujira, supercomputers and linear frames are included.

Human Resources

Arasaka and its subsidiaries during the a majority of it's life from 2013 to 2045 employed more than one million people around the world. Three quarters are executives, researchers, counter intelligence, and various workers, both office and factory, from Arasaka and its many sub-corporations. The rest are troops of one kind or another, including guards, soldiers and agents. The troops are divided more or less as follows: 100,000 are Arasaka soldiers and special forces combat teams, 200,000 are guards for industrial contracting, bodyguards and advisers and 5000 are undercover agents, assassins and spies.

Black Resources

Arasaka has a secret resource that is more powerful than all its obvious forces: its secret influence on powerful people and corporations around the world. Unfortunately, the details of this particular resource are too intricate, extensive and unknown to the general public. The banking division of Arasaka was another brainchild of Saburo Arasaka, it was founded shortly after his takeover in the 1960's and he used his various government contacts to get if off the ground. He used a considerable sum of the family wealth as a capital base and started making loans and investments with other corporations. Saburo personally invested heavily in the Cybernetics and Net related industries, making a considerable return on investment and padding the bank accounts of Arasaka quite well.

Subsidiary Companies

Arasaka has more subsidiaries than almost any other corporation in the world. Arasaka's subsidiaries, like those of most large corporations, are connected through a complex network of cross-linked owners, loans and investments, commercial and financial ties and co-addresses. Arasaka Security, Arasaka Bank and Arasaka Manufactures are the central companies, all under the aegis of the Arasaka corporation. Despite the system of cross-linked owners, Arasaka is not a keiretsu. In a keiretsu there is no large concentration of power in any branch. In Arasaka, the entire corporation responds directly to the board of directors of the Arasaka Corporation and the main companies.

A few of the hundreds of subsidiaries of the Arasaka Corporation include: Arasaka Security, Arasaka Bank, Arasaka Manufactures, Arasaka International, Arasaka America, Arasaka European Group, Arasaka Police Services, Arasaka Chemistry, Sato Commercial Ship, Kanshiro MicroElectric, Barrett Engineering-Arasaka, Nagoya Transportation, Japan Airlines (JAL), Korusu Commercial Aircraft, Kyoran-MediaStorm Entertainment, Lubcheck Structural Materials, Pan-Ground Communications, Glaser Model Agency, Pharmaceutical Ito, All-American Pictures, Krieger Beer, Scandia Aerospace, Matsura Food Products, Children's Kingdom Toy Stores, Tokyo/Miami/Los Angeles Adventure Land Amusement Parks, and Tender-Love Baby Care Products.

Regional Offices

The major Arasaka towers are impressive places, projecting a large part of the corporation's public face. The larger the corporation, the more their offices and towers become a beacon of wealth and image. In keeping with Arasaka's monumental size and reputation, their towers are not only widespread, appearing in major cities across the globe, but standardized so they are instantly recognizable. The special facilities, such as training camps and factories, don't follow the strict image guidelines applied to the towers as they are less visible to the public. Major Arasaka Towers can be found in Tokyo, Taipai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Baghdad, Sydney, London, Hamburg, Paris, Madrid, Bratislava, Rome, Geneva, Stockholm, Helsinki, The Hague, Dubai, Kinshasa, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Montreal, Night City, Nairobi and Moscow. Smaller offices exist in almost all major cities. In Japan almost every major city will have an Arasaka office; Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo, Kitakyushu, Narita, and Fukuoka. The NUSA is home to some of the most regional offices outside of Japan; Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Honolulu.


A tower contains the top Arasaka officials for any given region, including the National Directors and Regional Vice Presidents. Beneath the Regional VR will be the Regional Security Director, Regional Sales Director, and Regional Bank Director. Chain of command for the individual departments proceeds downwards from Region to Area, Local, District, and Site. The Tokyo tower has the offices for the corporation President, executive vice presidents, board of directors, and other top officials. All large offices also have R&D departments for developers either not cleared for the Honshu R&D facility, or who need to work in a specific area of the world for one reason or another.

Guards and soldiers are quartered and trained at specialized facilities around the world and throughout Arasaka served countries. Sizable contingents are always billeted and maintained at major towers for purposes of on-site security, quick response and firefighting. An Arasaka tower should have between one and two hundred guards and fifty and one hundred soldiers billeted on site at any given time, although not all of those will be on duty or available. Larger contingents of guards and troops intended for client rotation are maintained in barracks located outside of major cities. Most of the soldiers and guards available will be typical contract types, but some will be elite solos.


Security at Arasaka towers is, of course, rigid. Quads of armed guards and soldiers patrol twenty-four hours a day. Sensitive installations are under 24 hour manned protection. Special response teams are on call at all times, prepared to scramble in defense of the tower or any Arasaka client requesting aid. Redundant security systems monitor computers, access, and traffic control. Netrunners are on duty at all times, scanning for intrusion from the Net. Air defense systems under computer and human control can be activated at a moment's notice. Special security centers deep in the subterranean areas of each tower monitor and coordinate the individual security systems and teams.

Public Relations

Arasaka in the Media

Arasaka Tokyo Headquarters used as backdrop in a Japanese Film.

Public relations has been problematic for Arasaka Corporation since the early 2000s. The corporation suffers under an image of brooding, ominous power. The Arasaka board of directors has attempted to cast the best light possible on itself, extolling the virtues of its security department, touting the philanthropic work of the bank, explaining how its manufacturing arm and subsidiaries, and sponsoring many festivals or expos that are the backbone of an economically sound in Japan. Though there is truth to this it has not helped much to overcome the dark images associated with the corporation. People respect Arasaka, people will need Arasaka, people will occasionally thank God for Arasaka, but there will always be an undercurrent of fear tempering their attitude towards the corporation.

Many people around the world would view Arasaka in a different view. In Japan and various Asian nations Arasaka can be seen in a more positive light often helping in the reconstruction or protection of various nations. Japan is split with many believing Arasaka to be a menace and others believing the corporation to be beneficial. Places such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Australia generally have a more positive view of the corporation. In the NUSA, the country was also split between people who showed general positive thoughts of the corporation being one of the few helping the country after the government failed them with others believing they represented the Corporate Colonialism that plagued the planet. However after the Fourth Corporate War, and President Kress blamed the Night City bombing on them, more Americans saw Arasaka as the enemy while others saw through the Militech backed president.

When the corporation gets wind of someone sniffing around in the wrong place, or when someone finds out something they shouldn't, the local Arasaka office will arrange for them to have an accident. If it is a particularly sensitive mission the home office in Tokyo will be contacted to prep a special operation to deal with the problem. By and large, most local offices are more than adequately equipped and staffed to handle such tasks. In the past reporters have attempted to write an autobiography of Hanako Arasaka without the consent of the family, Saburo took great offense to this and had the reporter eliminated

Typically, great pains will be taken to see that a black operation is not connected with Arasaka unless the corporation wants to make an example of the target. There are, however, times when Arasaka goes out of its way to advertise its involvement in an operation. This is usually when it is retaliating against some person, group or other corporation that has publicly infringed against it. Arasaka also has a policy of visibly assassinating individuals and assaulting corporations that breach security at installations protected by Arasaka contracts. In these situations Arasaka is powerful and ruthless, maintaining its reputation as a persistent and deadly adversary.

Arasaka's black ops and political and financial influence had come of age in the world of 2020, giving the corporation far reaching influence across the world. Hundreds of influential politicians and agents at all levels of government and in every important country in the world are in Arasaka's pocket. Thousands of influential and wealthy private citizens, police departments and corporate executives are also under Arasaka's control. Arasaka already has more financial power in the industrialized world than any other single corporation. If it weren't for other corporate alliances arrayed against it, it might have been the single most powerful factor on Earth.

The highest priority for Arasaka employees is loyalty. This is especially true in the Security arm where most of the sensitive operations are handled. Arasaka Security agents will lay their lives on the line for the corporation first and the client second. Troops are required to demonstrate unquestioning obedience when they are dispatched on missions, although they must use initiative and intelligence on assignment or in action. Agents and executives who show signs of wavering loyalty, or fail badly in their assignments are dismissed. Those who betray the company, or cause it damage are eliminated.

Enemies and Allies

The Arasaka Corporation has many enemies around the world. These enemies range from; corporations that compete directly with the company or have clashed with it, powerful individuals who suspect that their blackmailers have some relation to Arasaka, and even law enforcement officers from all over the world who suspect the extent of the illegal operations of Arasaka.

Among the corporations Arasaka has dealt with in the past are InfoComp, which had studied Arasaka's history and holdings multiple times for its database, Network News 54, which has lost several reporters investigating scandals related to Arasaka, and finally Militech. InfoComp is tiny compared to Arasaka, and receives little attention. Arasaka avoids direct confrontations with NN54, however the corporation will often report bad press for the corporation while praising its competitor. Militech and Arasaka have been in conflict on several occasions, and continue to face each other on a regular basis. Tensions between the two corporations through mutual sabotage have led to a Corporate War in the 2020s. Law enforcement agencies are contained not only by eliminating their agents, but by the skill with which Arasaka conceals its conflicts of interest and illegal operations.

Within the homeland of the corporation, Japan, Arasaka has also had problems with various corporations that try and undermine its operations. Many Japanese corporations formed a union specifically designed to counter Arasaka, known as FACS. The union has fought against Arasaka by exposing its corruption within the country. Another corporation from the East was Kang Tao, which made efforts to steal information, technology, and various corporate employees bought out from Arasaka to forward their own success.

Within EEC, Arasaka generally has conflict with the European council on occasion. However most of its operations were stable. In the late 2020s, tensions rose between Arasaka and a European corporation known as Amazonian Security.

Allies with Arasaka can be as grand as its enemies. Since the early 2000s, Arasaka has held a good relationship with World News Service often the two participating in conflicts as allies. WNS is one of few media corporations that is allowed to interview or report on Arasaka operations. Besides corporations, Arasaka has many allies within various nations in the world. Finally the corporation as strong ties with underground organizations such as the various Yakuza clans, Triads, and even the Tyger Claws.


Like most megacorporations, Arasaka is frequently accused of unethical practice such as blackmail, bribery, extortion, and hiring mercenaries for covert, illegal operations. These mercenary operations could include suppressing legal demonstrations, assassinations, and abductions of high-level corporate experts and officials. The Arasaka Corporation was officially found guilty by the verdict of General Lundee's commission of the detonation of a thermonuclear device in the Night City Corporate Plaza in 2023. The result of the investigation have been openly and repeatablely questioned.[5] In 2077, after the official announcement of the Relic program many people as well as Religious organizations saw the project as inhuman and disturbing.

Notable Employees

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Database Entry (2077)

Arasaka Corporation


The Arasaka Corporation is the longest-operating megacorp in the world. Its origins date back to the mid-20th century when a young Saburo Arasaka inherited his father's nascent company, transforming it into a global leader in security. Today, the Arasaka Corporation is known as an arms-manufacturing giant that has had its hands in military conflicts across all continents. Due to the latest advances in technology and the company's seemingly unlimited capital, Arasaka is poised to achieve its political goals on a massive scale. Arasaka's soldiers and agents are known not only for their excellent training, but also for their steadfast loyalty to corporate values and CEO Saburo Arasaka himself, who, despite his advancing age, continues to govern the corporation with an iron fist. Even discussions of a succession plan must be kept to a whisper, because no one would dare openly question the authority of the world's greatest weapons empire... Almost no one.[3]

Key Facilitates

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Type Products
Weapons Arasaka WAA Bullpup Assault Weapon, Arasaka WMA "Minami 10", Arasaka WSA Autopistol, Arasaka WCAA "Rapid Assault Shot 12", Sternmeyer M-5A Squad Automatic Weapon, Arasaka WXA Computer-Aimed Weapon, Barret-Arasaka Light-20, Arasaka Arms Half-Bow, Arasaka "Nauseator" Riot-Control Device, Arasaka WCCA Susano-0, Setsuko-Arasaka WSE "Kajiya", Setsuko-Arasaka Nova, Setsuko-Arasaka PMS, Barrett-Arasaka WSSE "Hiyari", Arasaka WSS/R "Dahiyari", Arasaka EMF Launcher
Equipment Toshiba PRC-10 Two-Way Radio, Arasaka OmniTec Radar Detector, Arasaka "Komaku" Laser Mikes, Arasaka JetSetter Executive Briefcase, Arasaka ECM Comm-Scrambler, Arasaka "Scanaway" Scanner Gates, Arasaka RDAK Spy & Assassin Remote, Arasaka R-101 Lie Detector, Arasaka "Blackjack" Stealth Armor
Wheeled Vehicles Arasaka Riot 8, Arasaka Combat 10, Arasaka Kuma Land Rover, Lexus ZS-5000 (Security Retrofit)
Clothing Arasaka-Nike Tac-trainers
Tank Arasaka Daisasori Urban Combat Cyberwalk
Watercraft Arasaka Eel
Full Body Conversion Arasaka "DAIONI" Powered Armor Conversion
ACPA Arasaka Mfg. Type-17k "Guardian", Arasaka Standard B, Arasaka Standard C


Type Products
Assault Rifles WAA Bullpup Assault Weapon, Variable Assault Rifle
Shotguns Rapid Assault
Sniper Rifles WSS Sniper System
Submachine Guns Minami 10, Arasaka Minami 10 P/M/S
Melee Weapons Weeping Reaver
Bows Origami
Drones Suzumebachi


Type Products
Assault Rifles HJSH-18 Masamune, Nowaki
Bladed Weapons Military Katana
Pistols HJKE-11 Yukimura (Genjiroh), JKE-X2 Kenshin, Tamayura
Submachine Guns Shigure, TKI-20 Shingen (Prototype: Shingen Mark V), Senkoh LX (Raiju)
Grenades GASH Antipersonnel Grenade
Equipment Kanetsugu, SO-21 Saika, RC-7 Aswang, RC-7 Ifrit
Vehicles Kujira
Clothing & Armor Cap with camera, Carbon-fiber side cap, Polyamide corporate dress, Polycarbonate corporate blazer, Formal jacket with light armorplating, Reactive-layer office skirt, Engineer hardhat with headset, Kabuto with composite plating, Hazmat suit, Spacesuit/w/ helmet, Waterproof combat turtleneck, Composite netrunning nanoweave suit, Polycarbonate-laced bulletproof aramid vest, Ultralight hybrid tactical harness, Thermoset aramid collar, Tactical techgogs
Cyberware Arm Implants Mantis Blades, Gorilla Arms, Projectile Launch System
Cyberdeck Operating Systems Arasaka Shadow
Cyberware Immune Systems Pain Editor
Cyberware Circulatory Systems Syn-Lungs
Mechs Arasaka Robot R Mk.2
Misc. Arasaka David IIIC, Arasaka Shepherd A-T, Arasaka Replicator, Relic, Kunai, Prototype Arasaka Cyberskeleton

Behind the scenes

To most, the Arasaka name does not connote the virtues and flaws of individuals like Yorinobu, Hanako, or Saburo, but a massive, faceless megacorporation able to disrupt the lives of millions with a few tweaks to a screadsheet. Founded in late 19th-century Japan, the Arasaka corporation managed several successful transformations that helped it survive the crises of the 20th century and assume a leading position in the 21st. Currently, its areas of forces are corporate security and elite banking services, with significant revenue streams coming from the sales of weapons and military vehicles. Like most corporations, it is also extremely active in off-the-books operations. Partaking in blackmailing competitors, overthrowing hostile governments and hiring mercenaries to do all kinds of dirty work. Visually, Arasaka is represented by an angular, elegant form of our Neomilitarist style. It's color palette is dominated by blacks and blues, the wardrobes of its executives by elegant suits of fine wool and silk draped over subtle, functional cyberware. The most visible parts of Arasaka's identity, however, are its all-lowercase brand name and three-limbed-tree logo. Engraved on its weapons, vehicles and buildings, they strike a mixture of revulsion and awe in whoever sees them.


  • The name Arasaka is most likely a reference to Arisaka Nariakira, an Imperial Japanese Army lieutenant general, who designed the Arisaka family of rifles.
  • Arasaka was the first corporation created by Mike Pondsmith when writing Cyberpunk 2013. It was created as the main antagonists in the adventure Never Fade Away, which has been featured in 2013, Cyberpunk 2020, RED, and 2077. Since then Arasaka has been the main corporation to be featured in nearly every Cyberpunk media.
  • Arasaka is noticeably absent from Cyberpunk V3.0, in the alternate timeline the corporation was defeated in the 4th Corporate War and was presumably considered defunct in 203X. V3.0 is the only core series book to exclude Arasaka.
  • In Cyberpunk 2013, the CEO was Kenji Arasaka, this was later changed to Kei Arasaka in Cyberpunk 2020 and also revealed the character of Saburo Arasaka.
    • Also in 2013, Toshiro Arasaka was the CEO of the American branch of the corporation. In 2020, Toshiro's surname was removed presumably to not have a member of the Arasaka family killed too soon.
  • The Arasaka Corporation is refereed to as a Shogunate and Saburo Arasaka a shogun at various points in Cyberpunk 2020.
    • Shogunate: The Shogunate was the hereditary military dictatorship of Japan (1192–1867). Legally, the shogun answered to the emperor, but, as Japan evolved into a feudal society, control of the military became tantamount to control of the country. The emperor remained in his palace in Kyōto chiefly as a symbol of power behind the shogun. The term shogun appeared in various titles given to military commanders commissioned for the imperial government's 8th- and 9th-century campaigns against the Ezo (Emishi) tribes of northern Japan.
  • Hanako Arasaka, in Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit, is head of the Bakafu Faction, which is based off of Bakufu.
    • Bakufu: The administration of a shogun is called bakufu (幕府) in Japanese and literally means "government from the maku (ja: 幕)." During the battles, the head of the samurai army used to be sitting in a scissor chair inside a semi-open tent called maku that exhibited its respective mon or blazon. The application of the term bakufu to the shogun government shows an extremely strong and representative symbolism.
  • In the lore, Arasaka breaks into three warring factions. Kiji, Hato, and rebel faction Taka as stated in Cyberpunk RED, The World of Cyberpunk 2077, and Cyberpunk 2077. However in the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart kit, the names were; Bakafu, Princess, and Rebel. The difference between the two books is a mystery.
  • Despite being known for their military vehicles (cars, tanks, and AVs), Arasaka has no official vehicles produced by them in Cyberpunk 2077.
  • The Japanese of Arasaka is "アラサカ社" said exactly how it's spelled, with soft sounding "a" as well as a soft "r."
  • The logo of the Arasaka Corporation is a three part hollyhock "mon". It is based, as an homage, on the symbol of the Tokugawa clan.[14]



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