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V's apartment

Apartments are a feature of Cyberpunk 2077.


V can unlock access to five apartments across Night City and its surroundings. They will acquire their first apartment in Megabuilding H10 in Act 1, which will serve as their home base. In Act 2, four more can become available, provided V meets certain prerequisites. Once unlocked, apartments are designated on the map with a unique icon.[1]

List of apartments

Apartment Location Features Unlocked By
V's apartment Little China, Watson · Bed
· Mirror
· Stash
· Iconic Weapon display racks
· Memorabilia
The Rescue
Judy's apartment Kabuki, Watson · Mirror
· Stash
Pyramid Song
Mobile Camp tent
Nomad Camp tent
Rocky Ridge, Badlands · Mirror
· Stash
Life During Wartime
Queen of the Highway
Kutcher's home Red Peaks, Badlands · Mirror
· Stash
Following the River
Villa Eurodyne North Oak, Westbrook · Mirror
· Stash
Boat Drinks


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