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Antonio Luccessi was the executive vice-president of the Militech Arms Corporation, as well as the founder of its progenitor, Armatech-Luccessi. His position is largely symbolic, and he prefers the design and engineering aspects of the company more than running it.


Antonio was born in Italy in 1935, little is known about his upbringing but by the mid 1950s, he was working as an armorer for NATO and later the firearms manufacturer, Beretta. In 1992, he emigrated to the United States and worked for Colt Firearms until 1996, when he founded Armatech-Luccessi.

By 1998 the company had entered the US Military firearm trials, in which it would ultimately lose out to the FN system due to bureaucracy. However the company gained a powerful new ally in retired Marine Corps General Donald Lundee. In 2000, Luccessi stepped down as CEO of Armatech-Luccessi after offering the position to Lundee, and soon after the company was renamed to Militech International Armaments.

Luccessi's executive VP role is largely symbolic as he prefers the hands on work to running the company, however due to his status and the risks associated, he resides in the Militech HQ in Washington D.C, occasionally taking trips in the manufacturing plants in New Hampshire.[2]

At the age of 85 he is still widely respected for his continued ingenuity, with his cybernetic eyes and hands only improving his work over the years. Antonio has several children who still reside in Italy, as well as his granddaughter Anastasia, who holds a high ranking position in the Militech Special Operations division.

In 2077, a newspaper from Night City Journal can be found with the headline "Corporate mogul Antonio Luccessi Dead at 142, Life and Legacy of an icon".[1]


INT 10, REF 4, TECH 10, COOL 6, ATTR 3, LUCK 8, MA 3, BODY 4, EMP 9/5, SAVE 4, BTM-1.[2]


Jury Rig 10, Chemistry 5, Education and Gen Know. 8, Expert Computer Aided Design 7, Expert Draftsman 7, Expert Engineer 8, Expert Weaponsmith 10, English 4, Italian (Native), Mathematics 6, Physics 7, Electronics 6, Pistol 2, Rifle 2, Submachinegun 2.[2]


Basic processor, chipware socket, smartgun link, nanosurgeons, basic cyberoptic (both eyes), teleoptics, Times Square Marquee, micro-optics, MicroVideo optic, targeting scope, two standard cyberarms, one normal cyberhand, one toolhand.[2]




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